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हार्दिक श्रद्धान्जली

Ram Prasad Kaini died? We’re left grief-stricken since this morning as we heard the news of sudden and untimely demise of one of our father’s good friends and seniors. Although, I’m personally not connected to him, I know him a lot through my father. I know, he has been a very good friend and well-wisher of my father and us and has helped my father a lot during the ups and downs of my father’s professional life.

Life wouldn’t be this much beloved had it been immortal. Things that are momentary are always chased after.

We express our deep condolences to his bereaved family and pray for eternal peace to his deceased soul.


रूपैयाँ कि रुपैयाँ ?

केही वर्ष अघिसम्मको ‘रूपैयाँ’ अहिले ‘रुपैयाँ’ भएको छ किन हो, थाहा छैन पछिल्लो पटक नेपाली भाषाको सहजीकरण/सामान्यीकरण गर्ने नाममा व्याकरणका साथै  कैयौं  भाषिक नियमहरू तोडमोड गर्ने कसरत चलेको छ तर मुद्रा जस्तो राष्ट्रको पहिचान बोक्ने कुरामा समेत नेपाली भाषाको जथाभावी प्रयोग गरिएको छ केही वर्ष अघिसम्म नोटहरूमा लेखिने दिर्घ ‘रू’ सहितको रूपैयाँलाई अहिले ह्रस्व ‘रु’ सहितको ‘रुपैयाँ’ लेखिएको छ समयक्रमसँगै भाषाको परिमार्जन र परिस्कार हुँदै जानु स्वभाविक हो तर भाषाको मौलिक र आधारभुत नियम अनि मानक नै तोडिने गरी अन्धाधुन्ध प्रयोग गर्नु भाषामाथिकै आक्रमण हो नेपालमा कागजी नोटको प्रचलनदेखि नै नोटमा दिर्घ ‘रू’ सहितको रूपैयाँ लेख्ने गरिएको थियो तर पछिल्लो केही वर्षयता रूपैयाँ ‘रुपैयाँ’मा परिवर्तन भएको छ यसलाई के भन्ने ?

          (केही वर्ष अघिसम्म नोटमा दिर्घ ‘रू’ सहितको रूपैयाँ लेखिन्थ्यो)

                               (अहिले ‘रुपैयाँ’ लेखिन्छ )

अन्य किताब अनि पत्र-पत्रिकाहरूमा चाहिं कतै ‘रूपैयाँ’ लेखिएको पाईन्छ भने कतै ‘रुपैयाँ’ ह्रस्व- दिर्घ, तर्कुल्ले- बर्धन्ने जस्ता आधारभुत व्याकरणीय नियममै तोडमोड गरी मनपरी ढंगले भाषाको प्रयोग गर्ने हो भने भाषाको सहजीकरण होईन बरु क्षयीकरण होला, जुन् भईरहेकै छ

The Only Thing I Love About TIME

Crisp pictures on are the only thing I love about the famous capitalist magazine. I wonder how TIME gets pictures so sharp and crisp. I’ve not found pictures of such quality elsewhere on the Web.

My Renunciation of Darwinism

The world is not material only. And, what I read in school about Darwin was either only half-true or complete garbage.

The world is neither material only as Marx put in 19th century nor it evolved in the way Darwin professed in his ‘Theory of Evolution’. I may still believe to some extent in Marxist thought of materialism but just can’t endorse Darwin’s idea of evolution.  Actually, Darwin’s evolution has never been accepted in its entirety ever since. 

So, Creationists are right then? Perhaps, they are. The world may have been created not by any ‘Big Bang’ but very possibly by some sort of unexplained force, say God. I’m being more and more agnostic than ever as I’ve started denying Darwinism. God could exist or not, can’t say but the world didn’t evolve in the way of Darwin’s evolution. My almost zero belief in the God, however, since saw an increase when I went through a very vivid but enigmatic as well dream sometime ago. Dreams could be brushed off as nonsense but sometimes they really have some impact in one’s life as that dream had upon mine.

Denial of Darwinism and reservation about Marxist materialism have pushed me further into the creationists’ turf.

Stephen Hawking thinks one can’t prove God doesn’t exist. He doesn’t completely deny the God things. He only says science makes God unnecessary!

Whatever the claims from different people are, I now believe that the world is not material only and some inexplicable force, say God created it and it’s running as per a ‘Grand Design’ imposed by the force, say God.

Immediate Relief; Not Constitution & Peace Process

Good governance and the immediate relief to people from ordeals such as: price hike, load-shedding etc. should be the topmost priority of Jhalanth-led government for now. Constitution and peace process come then.

If he can lower the blackout time to 8 hours, stop rising prices of commodities and maintain law and order at minimum, then it would be just enough to calm people and make them have some belief on the government.

The most tragic and also dangerous thing about Nepal is that people here just don’t think they can believe the government. Public faith and trust over the government is almost zero. So, first of all, Jhalanath should work towards reinstating people’s faith in the government. And, he can start doing so with immediate relief to people from ordeals and steps toward good governance.

Constitution writing and peace process are not as important as they seem. Immediate relief to people first can only pave the smooth way for Constitution and peace process.

Beastly Negation

What other thing could be more hurting than when a friend colludes with an enemy to negate his own good, long time friend in a fear that he can outperform him?

That’s why politics is a criminal game and only the worst of the scumbags are right candidates for the game.

And, Baburam Bhattarai is not one of them. He just can’t be.

Baburam Bhattarai is the only thing on earth who Maoist chairman Prachanda fears most. Phantom of Bhattarai has, since long, been looming large for Prachanda. But with his cunning tactics and collusion, he somehow has been able to hold Bhattarai back to this day despite enormous popularity of Bhattarai among the public. Yet, it is always Baburam who happens to be always there for Prachanda to lean on in adversities. In another word, no matter how stiff Prachanda’s grip on the party is, Baburam is nonetheless an optionless figure in and out the party.

Prachanda’s decision to withdraw from the prime minister’s election process and throw his support behind the candidacy of Jhalanath Khanal was inspired by a well-known fact that he could never ever see Baburam become a prime minister and outperform him. I only could laugh when I recall his lines that he ‘sacrificed’ for the country and the people. What a ludicrous!

It is simple: He colluded with Jhalanath only to negate Baburam. Had Baburam been proposed as a prime ministerial candidate rather than Prachanda from the Maoist, consensus could have been struck on Bhattarai’s premiership at least by a majority of votes if not by unanimously as many small parties and some leaders from the big parties also were saying that consensus could be reached on Bhattarai’s name.

But, Bhattarai’s immense popularity was once again snubbed by his own colleague Prachanda. Prachanda colluded with enemy to negate his own good, long time friend. And, this was not the first time he colluded against Bhattarai. And, the negation is just brittle and beastly. But, Bhattarai has been getting along with all these snubs, slights and distrusts stoically, with virtually no gripe. What a greatness!  Only in later days has he begun expressing his dissent about Prachanda’s asymmetrical decisions.

Prachanda’s unabated fear and the paranoia about Bhattarai has been seriously impinging on Bhattarai’s prospect of becoming prime minister and thus ruining the expectation of the general public.

I sometimes think whether Bhattarai is one of the unfortunates in Nepali politics despite being so immensely loved by the public…

Prosperity Doesn’t Come With F**king Democracy

Ordeals we’re living with are not any different from that of Egyptians. Poverty, unemployment, corruption, insecurity, economic stagnation, power shortage etc. are some of the scourges we have both in common.

They have now revolted against all sort of these nuisances. But we have yet to.

Our previous uprisings were just for the political changes. Economy, unemployment, corruption etc. never made agendas of those uprisings. Actually, our cunning leaders always cashed in on such popular uprisings by diverting them only against the monarchy so as to secure their seats in the new system, leaving other agendas, for which people rose, behind and unheard.

Looking back at those revolts in 2007, 2046, 2052, 2062-63 B.S., I think we Nepalis only concern ‘democracy’, western-style democracy. We really don’t care about other burning problems. We don’t rise against them. And, development and prosperity don’t come with f**king western-style democracy.

Too much of anything is always bad. Too much of and unbridled freedom has been eating away at the prospect of development in Nepal. Frequent strikes, road blocking, violence, political unrest, ethical tensions etc. are what this f**king freedom has given us instead of peace, stability and prosperity.  We only ruined our country more with this f**king western-style democracy, didn’t we?

Westernesque democracy only brings chaos. Insurgencies in many parts of India, disintegration of some European countries such as: Yugoslavia, Czechoslovakia etc., are some of the fallout of westernesque democracy.  So called economic boom of India is another thing. Actually, that boom is limited only within a fraction of India’s more than 1 billion people. Rampant poverty the f**king westernesque democracy with free market brought to more than half of India’s population of 1 billion is being overlooked.

China is about to overtake the American hegemony with no western-style democracy. Cuba is the largest exporter of sugar and has more doctors than anywhere.  Libya, under the authoritarian rule of Muhammad Qaddafi, has prospered a lot over 30 years and it now imports labor from other countries including Nepal. Malaysia with no such  western-style f**king democracy, under the premiership of Dr. Mahathir for two decades, has become one of the industrialized countries in Asia. And, Russia with its strongman Vladimir Putin is quickly recovering from the stagnation after the fall of Soviet Union. Turkey is also having its golden days with premier Recep Tayyip Erdogen.

All these countries and leaders have one thing in common and that is, they all are anti-American or the West and they reject the western interpretation of democracy.

Egypt was also having a sort of political stability under Hosni Mubarak for nearly 30 years. But he’s a tail-wagging dog of America and all the resources including lucrative oil in Egypt are directly or indirectly under American control through him. America has imposed its ideology through the authoritarian rule of Mubarak and people don’t feel they’re the ones who write the fate of their country themselves. And, this deep discontentment concealed for 30 years is now starting to unravel in the form of uprising.

Best of luck, dear fellow Egyptians! But avoid installing f**king western-style democracy after the fall of Mubarak. And, be aware of ElBaradei. This West’s ass-licker is trying to cash in on the uprising, presenting himself at the forefront of the protests.