Prosperity Doesn’t Come With F**king Democracy

Ordeals we’re living with are not any different from that of Egyptians. Poverty, unemployment, corruption, insecurity, economic stagnation, power shortage etc. are some of the scourges we have both in common.

They have now revolted against all sort of these nuisances. But we have yet to.

Our previous uprisings were just for the political changes. Economy, unemployment, corruption etc. never made agendas of those uprisings. Actually, our cunning leaders always cashed in on such popular uprisings by diverting them only against the monarchy so as to secure their seats in the new system, leaving other agendas, for which people rose, behind and unheard.

Looking back at those revolts in 2007, 2046, 2052, 2062-63 B.S., I think we Nepalis only concern ‘democracy’, western-style democracy. We really don’t care about other burning problems. We don’t rise against them. And, development and prosperity don’t come with f**king western-style democracy.

Too much of anything is always bad. Too much of and unbridled freedom has been eating away at the prospect of development in Nepal. Frequent strikes, road blocking, violence, political unrest, ethical tensions etc. are what this f**king freedom has given us instead of peace, stability and prosperity.  We only ruined our country more with this f**king western-style democracy, didn’t we?

Westernesque democracy only brings chaos. Insurgencies in many parts of India, disintegration of some European countries such as: Yugoslavia, Czechoslovakia etc., are some of the fallout of westernesque democracy.  So called economic boom of India is another thing. Actually, that boom is limited only within a fraction of India’s more than 1 billion people. Rampant poverty the f**king westernesque democracy with free market brought to more than half of India’s population of 1 billion is being overlooked.

China is about to overtake the American hegemony with no western-style democracy. Cuba is the largest exporter of sugar and has more doctors than anywhere.  Libya, under the authoritarian rule of Muhammad Qaddafi, has prospered a lot over 30 years and it now imports labor from other countries including Nepal. Malaysia with no such  western-style f**king democracy, under the premiership of Dr. Mahathir for two decades, has become one of the industrialized countries in Asia. And, Russia with its strongman Vladimir Putin is quickly recovering from the stagnation after the fall of Soviet Union. Turkey is also having its golden days with premier Recep Tayyip Erdogen.

All these countries and leaders have one thing in common and that is, they all are anti-American or the West and they reject the western interpretation of democracy.

Egypt was also having a sort of political stability under Hosni Mubarak for nearly 30 years. But he’s a tail-wagging dog of America and all the resources including lucrative oil in Egypt are directly or indirectly under American control through him. America has imposed its ideology through the authoritarian rule of Mubarak and people don’t feel they’re the ones who write the fate of their country themselves. And, this deep discontentment concealed for 30 years is now starting to unravel in the form of uprising.

Best of luck, dear fellow Egyptians! But avoid installing f**king western-style democracy after the fall of Mubarak. And, be aware of ElBaradei. This West’s ass-licker is trying to cash in on the uprising, presenting himself at the forefront of the protests. 


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