Beastly Negation

What other thing could be more hurting than when a friend colludes with an enemy to negate his own good, long time friend in a fear that he can outperform him?

That’s why politics is a criminal game and only the worst of the scumbags are right candidates for the game.

And, Baburam Bhattarai is not one of them. He just can’t be.

Baburam Bhattarai is the only thing on earth who Maoist chairman Prachanda fears most. Phantom of Bhattarai has, since long, been looming large for Prachanda. But with his cunning tactics and collusion, he somehow has been able to hold Bhattarai back to this day despite enormous popularity of Bhattarai among the public. Yet, it is always Baburam who happens to be always there for Prachanda to lean on in adversities. In another word, no matter how stiff Prachanda’s grip on the party is, Baburam is nonetheless an optionless figure in and out the party.

Prachanda’s decision to withdraw from the prime minister’s election process and throw his support behind the candidacy of Jhalanath Khanal was inspired by a well-known fact that he could never ever see Baburam become a prime minister and outperform him. I only could laugh when I recall his lines that he ‘sacrificed’ for the country and the people. What a ludicrous!

It is simple: He colluded with Jhalanath only to negate Baburam. Had Baburam been proposed as a prime ministerial candidate rather than Prachanda from the Maoist, consensus could have been struck on Bhattarai’s premiership at least by a majority of votes if not by unanimously as many small parties and some leaders from the big parties also were saying that consensus could be reached on Bhattarai’s name.

But, Bhattarai’s immense popularity was once again snubbed by his own colleague Prachanda. Prachanda colluded with enemy to negate his own good, long time friend. And, this was not the first time he colluded against Bhattarai. And, the negation is just brittle and beastly. But, Bhattarai has been getting along with all these snubs, slights and distrusts stoically, with virtually no gripe. What a greatness!  Only in later days has he begun expressing his dissent about Prachanda’s asymmetrical decisions.

Prachanda’s unabated fear and the paranoia about Bhattarai has been seriously impinging on Bhattarai’s prospect of becoming prime minister and thus ruining the expectation of the general public.

I sometimes think whether Bhattarai is one of the unfortunates in Nepali politics despite being so immensely loved by the public…


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