Immediate Relief; Not Constitution & Peace Process

Good governance and the immediate relief to people from ordeals such as: price hike, load-shedding etc. should be the topmost priority of Jhalanth-led government for now. Constitution and peace process come then.

If he can lower the blackout time to 8 hours, stop rising prices of commodities and maintain law and order at minimum, then it would be just enough to calm people and make them have some belief on the government.

The most tragic and also dangerous thing about Nepal is that people here just don’t think they can believe the government. Public faith and trust over the government is almost zero. So, first of all, Jhalanath should work towards reinstating people’s faith in the government. And, he can start doing so with immediate relief to people from ordeals and steps toward good governance.

Constitution writing and peace process are not as important as they seem. Immediate relief to people first can only pave the smooth way for Constitution and peace process.


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