My Renunciation of Darwinism

The world is not material only. And, what I read in school about Darwin was either only half-true or complete garbage.

The world is neither material only as Marx put in 19th century nor it evolved in the way Darwin professed in his ‘Theory of Evolution’. I may still believe to some extent in Marxist thought of materialism but just can’t endorse Darwin’s idea of evolution.  Actually, Darwin’s evolution has never been accepted in its entirety ever since. 

So, Creationists are right then? Perhaps, they are. The world may have been created not by any ‘Big Bang’ but very possibly by some sort of unexplained force, say God. I’m being more and more agnostic than ever as I’ve started denying Darwinism. God could exist or not, can’t say but the world didn’t evolve in the way of Darwin’s evolution. My almost zero belief in the God, however, since saw an increase when I went through a very vivid but enigmatic as well dream sometime ago. Dreams could be brushed off as nonsense but sometimes they really have some impact in one’s life as that dream had upon mine.

Denial of Darwinism and reservation about Marxist materialism have pushed me further into the creationists’ turf.

Stephen Hawking thinks one can’t prove God doesn’t exist. He doesn’t completely deny the God things. He only says science makes God unnecessary!

Whatever the claims from different people are, I now believe that the world is not material only and some inexplicable force, say God created it and it’s running as per a ‘Grand Design’ imposed by the force, say God.


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