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Craving for Ranas

What you like the most to read and know about? What you always wish to have a first hand knowledge of?

About me, Ranas and their history fascinate me the most.  Their century-long oligarchic, absolute rule, long unchallenged absolute grip over state power, opulent and lavish lifestyle, thrilling stories of  conspiracies and collusion staged against each other etc. etc. can easily thrill any earthling. Worse in their oligarchic corrupt rule, but their commitment to and preservation of the traditions of  religious, social, cultural aspect of Nepali society is I think the best part of them.

What I love most about Ranas is even at the zenith of their absolute unchallenged power, they didn’t  think of overthrowing monarchy which was largely undermined and overshadowded by their  rule.  I don’t think there could have been an uprisal against Ranas had they overthrown the monarchy. But, they remained loyal to the far weaker throne till their fall.  They remained committed to the basic characters of Nepali socieity at that time. Ain’t it amazing?

Ranas were at least a little better than today’s satanic leaders.


Baburam Bhattrai is still struggling for his ideas against demonic Prachanda. Prachanda is the biggest curse for Nepal now. No matter how much power he consolidates, but people already hate him. But, days are not easy for Bhattarai too despite his immense popularity. He either shines as an only leader in Nepal or perishes into the dark conspiracies of Prachanda and his henchmen. Remain to see.

Wishing good and victory for Baburam Bhattarai for his struggle against satanic faction of Maoist!