Monthly Archives: April 2011

Beautiful ‘White Balls’

This afternoon, hailstorm together with incessant thunder ‘rocked’ Pokhara. It was reported that the incessant hailstorm brought damage to crops of peasants in and neighbouring places of Pokhara.

However, the sight of thickly accumulated ‘white balls’ at the backyard was nonetheless beautiful as seen below:



Ni, Get Good Soon!

It had been more than a month this blog was left unwritten. Was busy with my own things. Actually, although unknowingly (yeah, I’m not fatalist entirely), I sometimes come to believe that what we do and comes upon us is already decided.

She has just undergone dental surgery and been in convalescene. She was worried before the surgery but the procedure went off without a hitch and she has finally gotten her long awaited thing done (fulfilled?). Gold is gonna be scented!

She is taking painkillers and having a swollen chops. She says it may last only for short time. 

Get good soon, Ni!