I Love Osama Bin Laden!

Osama bin Laden’s killing (though, it’s never independently verified) will get more people inspired to fight off American evil than leave bereft. If to quote an adage here: In adversities, for those befallen, sorrowful mourning itself transforms into devastating power. We all can hope this.

Conspiracy theorists have now a newest subject to manipulate on. But studying America’s history of staging state cover-ups such as Moon Landing etc., it wouldn’t be a bad idea to give benefit of doubt to conspiracy theorists on Bin Laden’s supposed death. Yes, rumours about Bin Laden will live on…

Get f**king American and western evils rooted out from the Earth forever!

I hate whites. I listen English songs but mostly Hip-hop/Rap and R&B by Blacks. One of my friends was like their mouth wide open when I said I didn’t much love Nickelback, Kings of Leon, Elton John, Enrique etc. ‘You don’t listen rock music? Pop too? Unbelievable! Are you really a man in late 20s?’ I was asked. Laughed at them and said nothing because they were dissing rappers as loutish ‘p*ssyeaters’. It’s true, women are often treated nastily as a mere ‘sex toy’ in Rap/Hip-hop. Violence, drug things are also staples. But, isn’t it that rappers are just trying being ‘direct’?  Whatever, Can’t help being onto Rap/Hip-hop.

Whites are looters, colonialists, killers. To put it concisely: Whites are dirt and let’s get this dirt removed! 

Since some months, Libya has been suffering under the bombing of western evils. Eunuch UN is feasting off the corpses of fallen Libyans. Sometimes it feels, America is not losing its power, instead whites, be they in Europe, America or elsewhere, are reuniting more strongly than ever. The combined war of America, Britain, France, Italy and other white states against Libya shows how once sharply divided West is consolidating under alliances of various names.

China has a very long way to walk to topple the West and take control of the world. A powerful alliance of western countries may keep China from advancing. And, that can go for long, longer than forecasted.

Whatever. Off all those whites’ heads!


2 responses to “I Love Osama Bin Laden!

  1. Seriously? Whites are dirt?

    How many do you actually know, you stupid little hatemonger?

    • Hey ‘Guest’, you a white? yes they’re…the things to be despied, trampled on and… made suffer for their doings. Don’t ask why. Evidences are out in blocks. Delve yourself into it or… just leave! But yeah some might have a false assumption that I love non-white people more than I do hate whites.

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