Daily Archives: May 11, 2011

…that’s why they are motherf**kers

We people, in most recent years, were about to forget the strain of Bandas that once were imposed upon us as if as an integral part of our daily life. Relevance of such Bandas had lost the ground in the midst of wide public disapproval and rejection in later years and also because of changed political environment. Actually, none of Banadas did gather any active public support. Such Bandas were always forced upon us.

Bandas were probably the most despised thing among Nepalis. An abomination.

But, it seems, those dark days are going to make a comeback again! Bandas are being declared for coming days and we already suffered one just some days ago.

Today, so called ‘’Chhetri Samaj’’ carried out Banda in Pokhara and all over western region. One of the organizers of Banda was claiming the success of it and was in a threatening way asking the public to obey Banda on a local television. And, you know, I was like punching on his chops, getting all his teeth detached and then strangling him to a miserable death.

I just hated that motherf**ker to the bone.

I’m right. Nepalis are motherf**kers. They will always be so. Instances of incessant Bandas can’t always be attributed to volatile political situation in the country. Thing is, people are bad, morally inferior. So they’re doing all these. You can’t expect good from the bad, can you?

God, get me killed instead. I’ll be happy to not witness all these motherf**king things.