Daily Archives: May 13, 2011

New Government? NO Please!

Demand for the resignation of Jhalanath-led government is growing loud as the government is failing to address the issues of peace process and constitution writing. This government was formed after much of sweating for more than 7 months of ferment of having no functioning government.  So, the expectation from this government is still high even though the demand for its collapse and formation of new ‘national-consensus’ government has gone through the roof and the frustrations over its performance hitting the low.

Yes, this government could have been no different from previous ones: ineffective, corrupt, and a complete failure. Jhalanath Khanal didn’t come from the moon to rule Nepal. Similarly, others figures in the government were not washed up by the holy cow-milk. They all were the same corrupt politicians wallowing in the dirty political crimes. But, despite all these bad things, this government was formed in a very different context and people expected at least something from it: Corrupt caretaker government was persisting for more than half a year, peace process and constitution writing had reached to a dead end, shortage of basic commodities and price hike was skyrocketing and there was a miserable security situation all over Nepal. To put it briefly, people were suffering more under the gross maladministration of previous government comprised of election-losers.

Formation of this government gave a brief respite to the public. It’s another thing that the relief and respite didn’t last long.

Political instability has been a major drag on the development efforts in Nepal. Volatile politics has been putting the kibosh on the prospect of development so far. Even after the CA election only, 3 governments have been changed.

It’s of no use to expect any good from this government too. So, we don’t expect anything from it. But, we at least want to see this government being stable. Enough of political volatility. Let this government run. We have a faint hope that if this government can hold out for some more time, there could at least be a political stability and things will start getting good themselves. Government needn’t do a thing. We don’t care whether the government keeps wallowing in the corruption in Kathmandu. Let it keep doing so. But, political stability itself will create a good environment for the country to thrive.

Because we know, no other political motherf**kers are less worse than Jhalanath Khanal. So, the dissolution of this government will only add insult to the already worsened injury of the country.

Wait…! I opt for the next government provided that Baburam Bhattarai is to lead it.