Daily Archives: May 16, 2011

Why Presidential System is Better Than Prime Ministerial One?

President Ramvaran Yadav has administered oath of office to 3 successive prime ministers in these 3 years of period. Yadav was also elected president at around the same time (only 2 months before) of election of Prachanda as prime minister in early 2065. Doesn’t this prove, presidential system is way more stable and better than parliamentary one?

Wrangle over which of the systems – presidential or prime ministerial – is better and should be adopted is just needless as President Yadav’s tenure shows – notwithstanding his so called ceremonial role – presidential system is need of the hour in Nepal which  has so long been witnessing unstable politics under the prime ministerial system.

So called worry over the possible presidential dictatorship has come from those who are for instability (in Nepal).

This is simple and obvious, an open- and- shut case, ain’t it?