Daily Archives: May 17, 2011

Save Baburam Bhattarai!

My worry and speculation were not entirely wrong at least. I don’t think Baburam Bhattarai can thrive for long in this political biosphere bereft of even the slightest tinge of morality.

In the latest of attacks against him, he was given a death threat by his own party colleague at the party office yesterday. This shows his adversaries are in cahoots to finish him off someday if not today or tomorrow. And, they’re only getting fiercer.

After eons, Nepal has finally been blessed with a genuine talent named Baburam Bhattarai. But, in this land cursed by the widow of Kaji Vim Malla, also a suttee, the good are always to meet a miserable end. This cursed land has been living in a perpetual reign of the bad for centuries.

Yet, we can not think of losing Baburam Bhattarai this soon. So, before things go wild and otherwise, let’s rally for his life, safety and rightful survival.

Save Baburam Bhattarai!