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Assertive Gajurel

Maoist secretary Chandra Prakash Gajurel has, for some time, quite been a vocal critic of his party chairman Prachanda. Once regarded as meek,  soft-spoken leader, he now has transformed himself into more assertive, as bold as brass personality.

And I like it.

Today he talked that the leader of the parliamentary party of Maoist could be replaced if Prachanda fails to make the Cabinet more inclusive as demanded by the majority of Maoist leaders.

His idea of replacing the leader of parliamentary party echoes the same message that I want to propagate.  That is, a trade-off to balance the two conflicting thoughts that will not only resolve the conflict but also negate the dictatorship of Prachanda. And, this could be achieved by appointing Baburam Bhattarai as the leader of Maoist’s parliamentary party and giving away the chairmanship to Kiran.

As Baburam Bhattarai is good on parliamentary front (he had previously led the United People’s Front, a parliamentary front of then-underground Maoist) and also widely wanted to be a prime minister, parliamentary leader’s post is the right job for him. Meanwhile, Kiran is known for his intra-party organizing deftness, so there’s no other better job for him than the chairmanship. 

In the proposed convention, the duo should make an alliance to defeat Prachanda. This has-been is just buggering things up.


Did You Listen These Songs?

Well, if you haven’t, then do now. These songs are nice, truly for ‘high-end’ aural pleasure. These songs epitomize the work of Dohori mavens Pashupati Sharma, Kulendra Bishwokarma and playback legend Udit Narayan Jha. Two of them are recent Dohori numbers (‘झल्को दिनदिन देखे चिन्दिनँ’ from Pashupati Sharma and ‘आँखामा बस्या भए बगाउनेथें आँसुले’ by Kulendra Bishwokarma) and the other is a recent Nepali film (sorry, I don’t remember the name) song: ‘फूलपाती भाकेर मनकामना’ from Udit Narayan Jha.

Get the songs here

A ‘Rare’ Mention of Nepal

Where  rampant poverty is the only thing Nepal has been notorious and mentioned for in international stages, this ‘rare’ mention of Nepali fauna on Wikipedia page at the same time may  provide a respite from the perpetual humiliation:

Hyena in Nepal's Zoo 

(I actually was searching Wikipedia for ‘The Lion King’, one of the best films of all time, and bumped into this Hyena page. In the hand-drawn movie of 1994, this carnivore has been portrayed as a secondary antagonist. )

Chairman Kiran and Prime Minister Bhattarai

OK, I’m not gonna rattle on about the same f**ked up political guff in here. One can hardly see difference between crime and politics in this charmless land.

There are, however, some figures in Nepali politics who can be trusted with no or little doubt. Maoist has been in the centre of political spectrum. Maoist supremo Prachanda has been portrayed for more times in cartoons and lampoons in these mere 5 years than any other longer-serving political motherf**kers are.  In another word, politics has since been revolving round the Maoist.

As I mentioned earlier, as being the largest and a little better (than Congress and UML), Maoist has the onus to lead the nation to the right path. But this is IMPOSSIBLE with Prachanda being at the helm. This motherf**ker not only threw the cold water on people’s expectation during his 9-months rule as prime minister, he is also in cahoots with reactionary forces to negate his own longtime colleagues Kiran and Baburam Bhattarai. This satan just doesn’t posses any ideology. This shameless man instead steals away sometimes from Bhattarai and sometimes from Kiran.

Yes, Kiran and Baburam Bhattarai: the only two leaders we can lay our trust upon with no or little doubt.

Kiran as chairman of Maoist and Baburam Bhattarai as the prime minister of Nepal is the need of the hour.

Although, these two leaders seem to posses ideologies that contrast sharply to one another, there’s no other way for them to ‘dethrone’ Prachanda than to work together compromising on one another’s differences.  Interestingly, there’s a rare similarity between these leaders that’s of profound importance, i.e. they live their lives typical of the proletarian: simple and austere.

There’s a complementary theory in which two opposite things are attracted together to make a whole. In relationship, an introvert likes an extrovert etc. So, why can Kiran and Baburam not reconcile to make a single, whole approach that will ultimately draw a sketch of prosperous Nepal?

One thing we can presume (with only little doubt) that they will someday wind up standing together against Prachanda (as he’s the common arch-rival of the duo).  Circumstances make things unpredictable. That said, it’s only a matter of time!

They both will win: Kiran as powerful chairman of Maoist and Baburam Bhattarai as popular prime minister (also the leader of parliamentary party of Maoist). Quite a good trade-off.

This Monster Stinks the Foulest

It’s said, work is divine, work is everything and one should worship their work.

But all aren’t devoted to their works. Not all are committed to what they should be doing.

There’s a Satan named ‘Kanakmani Dixit’ who is plainly abusing and breaching the  ethics of  journalism to carry out his reactionary, regressive, satanic, criminal doings.

Under the veil of journalism and self-proclaimed ‘civil society member’ and along with his devilish cronies like Subodh Pyakurel, Kiran Nepal, Jugal Vurtel etc, he has long been spreading and promoting hatred, abhorrence, antagonism of all sorts against those who are for changes, social reforms and the revolution. Particularly, his hatemongering against Maoists is notorious. He’s enjoying so unbridled ‘press freedom’ that comes with his privileged elitism that his satanic deeds know no boundary. To cut it short, his devilish doings are just too marauding to tolerate anymore.

And, he’s been meting out his hatemongering with almost no resistance in part because of his elitism and more profoundly his connection to high- profile foreign and domestic reactionary figures. So far, only a few pro-communist media have dared to open mouth against him.

kanak mani dixit

It’s indeed a good news that finally he’s challenged and questioned for his doings.  Yes, Information Minister Agni Prasad Sapkota has filed a case accusing him of disobedience of the court. I hope, he’ll go further to condemn him to the maximum punishment possible for the brazen abuse of journalism and hate/war-mongering.

I know to what extreme has he gone to attack the revolutionary forces, reformists employing journalism  as a tool as I’ve been reading his ‘Himal Khabarpatrika’ and previously his other publications too for more than a decade. At first, as being a teen, I was easily bought into what the glossy magazine had on its sleek leaves. By the time I came to know the true face of Kanakmani Dixit, I had already become  kind of a ‘regular reader’ of the magazine. I know I didn’t stop reading it. Actually, I found it obsessing and ‘amusing’ too to go through all the articles and columns that were shockingly against any sort of changes, reforms, revolutions etc, particularly Maoists and their People’s War. I would ‘cackle’ at the utter brazenness of it.

I still read the magazine but with pity and scorn for its team and the satanic honcho. The perpetual hatemongering of this monster (using the magazine) has gotten me quite a thick-skinned. I find the contents rather ludicrously comical than scornful!

This Dixit dirt reeks of the foulest stench and the sooner we wipe it out, the faster we’ll be relieved.

There’s a suggestion: Fear the god but laugh at the devil. I’ve been laughing at this monster’s warmongering while flipping through the glossy leaves of Himal.

Why I Should Opt to Being a Film Critic?

How many times have you cried/whistled/whoop at the theatres?

Well, for many times. You can’t exactly remember for how many times. Can you? If not for many, then certainly for several times. Right?

Okay, you might have at least gotten your eyes wet for a few times in the dark halls of the theatres.

Most people get abstracted once they recline on the couch in front of the ‘silver screen’ for some one and half or more hours.  That is, they submit themselves to what is being shown and this leads them to being abstracted, lost in the pictures on the screen. May be this is an intrinsic quality of a good cinemagoer, but the thing is, most of them forget to pay attention to how well the actors are doing their jobs, mood and the atmosphere and so on.

Prince Harry thinks I don’t and can’t enjoy a movie if I don’t change my way of perceiving movies and other theatrical shows.  May be he’s true.  Really, instead of getting ‘drowned’ in the theatrical portrayals either of melodramatic, farcical, adventurous or action-packed, I rather set out to focus on the characters such as how well they are playing their parts, whether their act is good enough (to enjoy on), how is their overall performance etc. etc. I try noticing the every minute details that are presented on the screen: from the overall performance of characters to the every bit of the mood and atmosphere.  May be this is normal and  no different from other cinemagoers’ general view. But what makes me distinct is while judging overall performance chiefly of the characters, I all but forget to relish the cinematic experience.

It’s not that I can’t discern the aesthetic appeal of things. And it’s also not that I’ve quite a discerning attitude of things.

And, he thinks my attitude to movies is almost that of a critic…

But critics love and enjoy the movies! And, one needs to get ‘lost’ into a movie and relish to judge it, doesn’t he?

OK, it’s conflicting. I neither can judge a movie nor enjoy it. Bad, it’s really bad.

I want to be either a Roger Ebert, Peter Travers or A. O. Scott. But, sadly, I’m not a good moviegoer yet!

Unattended Job

It was clearly a fratricide. One thing is straight that the regicide that befell on King Birendra and the royal family at the night of Jestha 19, 2058, couldn’t have been possible to pull off without the involvement of King Gyanendra of any sorts. This doesn’t mean he himself is responsible for and thus the perpetrator of the royal pogrom.  But, it’s been sort of an open secret and people wouldn’t stop pointing their fingers at him until he himself takes initiative for the real investigation of the regicide.

Much to the public’s dismay, one of the biggest crimes in modern Nepalese history has since been left completely unattended as if it never happened, as if popular King Birendra died his natural death. Even after a decade, people are still demanding the thorough investigation. But, our corrupt political, judicial and bureaucratic  motherf**kers don’t have the stomach to do all these investigations and mete out punishments to the perpetrators.  Who knows, the nexus of evils that was responsible for the massacre could perhaps comprise our very leaders from Maoists to Congress to Madhesi parties to King Gyanendra himself and other figures from security forces to so called civil society.

So, it seems all but impossible to break through this highly intricate web of deceit. The real investigation seems to be an impossible feat, a thing of distant. Far, unreachable distant.

Wishing eternal peace to the deceased royal souls.