The Best-Looking Motorcycle

Read today on Kantipur Daily that Nano, the smallest car from Tata Motors, will soon be launched in Nepal. Yet the so called smallest and also ‘cheapest’ hatchback  will cost no less than 0.9 million rupees in Nepalese market. And, 1 million rupees is no small amount, is it?. So, owning a four wheel is still not an easy thing for the majority of  Nepalese urban middle class.

Two-wheelers will keep dominating the vehicle market for decades to come in our modestly developed country.

So, which is your favorite two-wheeler? Which appeals you most? Which model you think gets you ‘turned on’? Which one of the Bajaj, Honda or Yamaha?

Okay here’s my assessment:  Silver-coloured Unicorn from Honda is I think the best looking, most dazzling and sexiest two-wheeler (in Nepal’s context).  Just plain, original silver Unicorn, not its other later versions such as: CB or Dazzler. Harmonious mixing of colors i.e. black engine and silver fuel tank and other body parts results in a dazzling look. Chromium-plated silvery fuel tank is actually the most important part of its beauty.

You know,  it had appealed me instantly at the very first look. Actually, an old friend from Lamachaur campus had visited me with his silver Unicorn some two years ago.  Though I already had some ideas about the model, the  first close encounter got me instantly riveted on the sleek, sexy model.

Unicorn_Silver(Silver Unicorn from Honda. Picture taken from elsewhere on the web)

It’s a sad irony that I couldn’t decide on it when I was to buy my first two-wheeler.  However, I’m always an admirer of this very ‘gorgeous’ motorcycle.


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