Unattended Job

It was clearly a fratricide. One thing is straight that the regicide that befell on King Birendra and the royal family at the night of Jestha 19, 2058, couldn’t have been possible to pull off without the involvement of King Gyanendra of any sorts. This doesn’t mean he himself is responsible for and thus the perpetrator of the royal pogrom.  But, it’s been sort of an open secret and people wouldn’t stop pointing their fingers at him until he himself takes initiative for the real investigation of the regicide.

Much to the public’s dismay, one of the biggest crimes in modern Nepalese history has since been left completely unattended as if it never happened, as if popular King Birendra died his natural death. Even after a decade, people are still demanding the thorough investigation. But, our corrupt political, judicial and bureaucratic  motherf**kers don’t have the stomach to do all these investigations and mete out punishments to the perpetrators.  Who knows, the nexus of evils that was responsible for the massacre could perhaps comprise our very leaders from Maoists to Congress to Madhesi parties to King Gyanendra himself and other figures from security forces to so called civil society.

So, it seems all but impossible to break through this highly intricate web of deceit. The real investigation seems to be an impossible feat, a thing of distant. Far, unreachable distant.

Wishing eternal peace to the deceased royal souls.


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