Why I Should Opt to Being a Film Critic?

How many times have you cried/whistled/whoop at the theatres?

Well, for many times. You can’t exactly remember for how many times. Can you? If not for many, then certainly for several times. Right?

Okay, you might have at least gotten your eyes wet for a few times in the dark halls of the theatres.

Most people get abstracted once they recline on the couch in front of the ‘silver screen’ for some one and half or more hours.  That is, they submit themselves to what is being shown and this leads them to being abstracted, lost in the pictures on the screen. May be this is an intrinsic quality of a good cinemagoer, but the thing is, most of them forget to pay attention to how well the actors are doing their jobs, mood and the atmosphere and so on.

Prince Harry thinks I don’t and can’t enjoy a movie if I don’t change my way of perceiving movies and other theatrical shows.  May be he’s true.  Really, instead of getting ‘drowned’ in the theatrical portrayals either of melodramatic, farcical, adventurous or action-packed, I rather set out to focus on the characters such as how well they are playing their parts, whether their act is good enough (to enjoy on), how is their overall performance etc. etc. I try noticing the every minute details that are presented on the screen: from the overall performance of characters to the every bit of the mood and atmosphere.  May be this is normal and  no different from other cinemagoers’ general view. But what makes me distinct is while judging overall performance chiefly of the characters, I all but forget to relish the cinematic experience.

It’s not that I can’t discern the aesthetic appeal of things. And it’s also not that I’ve quite a discerning attitude of things.

And, he thinks my attitude to movies is almost that of a critic…

But critics love and enjoy the movies! And, one needs to get ‘lost’ into a movie and relish to judge it, doesn’t he?

OK, it’s conflicting. I neither can judge a movie nor enjoy it. Bad, it’s really bad.

I want to be either a Roger Ebert, Peter Travers or A. O. Scott. But, sadly, I’m not a good moviegoer yet!


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