This Monster Stinks the Foulest

It’s said, work is divine, work is everything and one should worship their work.

But all aren’t devoted to their works. Not all are committed to what they should be doing.

There’s a Satan named ‘Kanakmani Dixit’ who is plainly abusing and breaching the  ethics of  journalism to carry out his reactionary, regressive, satanic, criminal doings.

Under the veil of journalism and self-proclaimed ‘civil society member’ and along with his devilish cronies like Subodh Pyakurel, Kiran Nepal, Jugal Vurtel etc, he has long been spreading and promoting hatred, abhorrence, antagonism of all sorts against those who are for changes, social reforms and the revolution. Particularly, his hatemongering against Maoists is notorious. He’s enjoying so unbridled ‘press freedom’ that comes with his privileged elitism that his satanic deeds know no boundary. To cut it short, his devilish doings are just too marauding to tolerate anymore.

And, he’s been meting out his hatemongering with almost no resistance in part because of his elitism and more profoundly his connection to high- profile foreign and domestic reactionary figures. So far, only a few pro-communist media have dared to open mouth against him.

kanak mani dixit

It’s indeed a good news that finally he’s challenged and questioned for his doings.  Yes, Information Minister Agni Prasad Sapkota has filed a case accusing him of disobedience of the court. I hope, he’ll go further to condemn him to the maximum punishment possible for the brazen abuse of journalism and hate/war-mongering.

I know to what extreme has he gone to attack the revolutionary forces, reformists employing journalism  as a tool as I’ve been reading his ‘Himal Khabarpatrika’ and previously his other publications too for more than a decade. At first, as being a teen, I was easily bought into what the glossy magazine had on its sleek leaves. By the time I came to know the true face of Kanakmani Dixit, I had already become  kind of a ‘regular reader’ of the magazine. I know I didn’t stop reading it. Actually, I found it obsessing and ‘amusing’ too to go through all the articles and columns that were shockingly against any sort of changes, reforms, revolutions etc, particularly Maoists and their People’s War. I would ‘cackle’ at the utter brazenness of it.

I still read the magazine but with pity and scorn for its team and the satanic honcho. The perpetual hatemongering of this monster (using the magazine) has gotten me quite a thick-skinned. I find the contents rather ludicrously comical than scornful!

This Dixit dirt reeks of the foulest stench and the sooner we wipe it out, the faster we’ll be relieved.

There’s a suggestion: Fear the god but laugh at the devil. I’ve been laughing at this monster’s warmongering while flipping through the glossy leaves of Himal.


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