Chairman Kiran and Prime Minister Bhattarai

OK, I’m not gonna rattle on about the same f**ked up political guff in here. One can hardly see difference between crime and politics in this charmless land.

There are, however, some figures in Nepali politics who can be trusted with no or little doubt. Maoist has been in the centre of political spectrum. Maoist supremo Prachanda has been portrayed for more times in cartoons and lampoons in these mere 5 years than any other longer-serving political motherf**kers are.  In another word, politics has since been revolving round the Maoist.

As I mentioned earlier, as being the largest and a little better (than Congress and UML), Maoist has the onus to lead the nation to the right path. But this is IMPOSSIBLE with Prachanda being at the helm. This motherf**ker not only threw the cold water on people’s expectation during his 9-months rule as prime minister, he is also in cahoots with reactionary forces to negate his own longtime colleagues Kiran and Baburam Bhattarai. This satan just doesn’t posses any ideology. This shameless man instead steals away sometimes from Bhattarai and sometimes from Kiran.

Yes, Kiran and Baburam Bhattarai: the only two leaders we can lay our trust upon with no or little doubt.

Kiran as chairman of Maoist and Baburam Bhattarai as the prime minister of Nepal is the need of the hour.

Although, these two leaders seem to posses ideologies that contrast sharply to one another, there’s no other way for them to ‘dethrone’ Prachanda than to work together compromising on one another’s differences.  Interestingly, there’s a rare similarity between these leaders that’s of profound importance, i.e. they live their lives typical of the proletarian: simple and austere.

There’s a complementary theory in which two opposite things are attracted together to make a whole. In relationship, an introvert likes an extrovert etc. So, why can Kiran and Baburam not reconcile to make a single, whole approach that will ultimately draw a sketch of prosperous Nepal?

One thing we can presume (with only little doubt) that they will someday wind up standing together against Prachanda (as he’s the common arch-rival of the duo).  Circumstances make things unpredictable. That said, it’s only a matter of time!

They both will win: Kiran as powerful chairman of Maoist and Baburam Bhattarai as popular prime minister (also the leader of parliamentary party of Maoist). Quite a good trade-off.


2 responses to “Chairman Kiran and Prime Minister Bhattarai

  1. this view is totally out my marxism . u r unable to explain maoist party line struggle. please read the whole document of this party

    • struggle? there’s line struggle only between Bhattarai and Kiran. Prachanda is nowhere in this struggle as his lacks any clear ideology. And I was only talking about the trade-off to balance the two very different ideas.

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