Assertive Gajurel

Maoist secretary Chandra Prakash Gajurel has, for some time, quite been a vocal critic of his party chairman Prachanda. Once regarded as meek,  soft-spoken leader, he now has transformed himself into more assertive, as bold as brass personality.

And I like it.

Today he talked that the leader of the parliamentary party of Maoist could be replaced if Prachanda fails to make the Cabinet more inclusive as demanded by the majority of Maoist leaders.

His idea of replacing the leader of parliamentary party echoes the same message that I want to propagate.  That is, a trade-off to balance the two conflicting thoughts that will not only resolve the conflict but also negate the dictatorship of Prachanda. And, this could be achieved by appointing Baburam Bhattarai as the leader of Maoist’s parliamentary party and giving away the chairmanship to Kiran.

As Baburam Bhattarai is good on parliamentary front (he had previously led the United People’s Front, a parliamentary front of then-underground Maoist) and also widely wanted to be a prime minister, parliamentary leader’s post is the right job for him. Meanwhile, Kiran is known for his intra-party organizing deftness, so there’s no other better job for him than the chairmanship. 

In the proposed convention, the duo should make an alliance to defeat Prachanda. This has-been is just buggering things up.


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