Why Unrequited Love is Always Sad?

OK, requited love also is not enough to sustain a long-term relationship.

Unrequited love is just worse. Actually the worst. Yeah, I have been through this nightmare. And, the pain of such unrequited love is, no exaggeration, dead unfathomable.

While scavenging the forgiven past within this blog some days ago, I couldn’t help myself from being overcome with the utter pain and devastation expressed in those old entries by a poor bloke, yes that’s me. I nearly cried. Actually, everyone will, at the depiction of such dead sadness.

Things are much better now. Love is not unrequited anymore. But, the past memories don’t easily trail off, do they? Once you’re chased after, you can’t keep yourself from not being haunted thereafter no matter where/how you are!


2 responses to “Why Unrequited Love is Always Sad?

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