The Only Thing I Love About Prachanda

What Maoist honcho Prachanda may have been thinking seeing all those developments that led to his ignominious fall?

I call it ‘the untimely death’ of him.  May be he’s alive, but the most (publicly) anticipated self of him is already dead. I don’t think this has-been will ever recoup the lost adulation. So long Prachanda!


He’s good at least on one thing: that is, he’s a good speech giver. He has such capacity to keep audiences enthralled. (Baburam Bhattarai is short of this ‘talent’.)

Here goes the BEST Prachanda speech which he delivered on Baisakh 26, 2066 (May 8, 2010) after the involuntary deferral of six days-long general strike.

[Man, this Windows Live Skydrive thing is crazy. Why doesn’t it provide a direct download link to any file?]


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