शीतल दिने पीपल शमी छ…

मिठै खा’छु नराम्रो ला’छैन तर पनि मन खुशी भा’छैन

शीतल दिने पीपल शमी छ,

अरू मलाई पुगेकै छ सानु तिमी छैनौ तिम्रै कमी छ…

While I’m bed-ridden because of this goddamn flu, this beautiful Dohori song from Yam Bahadur Chhetri and Bishnu Majhi is kind of soothing me. Yeah, I’m quite enjoying this great composition even as I’m writhing on the bed. I first listened this song in Kathmandu (I had made a jaunt there a week ago), since then I’ve been admiring the composition from Yam Bahadur Chhetri. Bishnu Majhi has yet again proved her artistry on singing.

The chorus in this song invokes the gone days when there were a lot of ‘Chautaris’ in the villages, towns and the countryside. Pipal, Bar and Sami were the only trees planted on Chautaris for shade. Now the uncontrolled road construction and other construction works elsewhere have destroyed much of such ancestral monuments.

This song ‘शीतल दिने पीपल शमी छ’ can be searched elsewhere on the web. I’ve also uploaded a clip of this song to my Windows Live Skydrive site.

Truly a very very beautiful Dohori.

PS   Finally I’ve upgraded to Windows 7! But had to replace Segoe UI fonts with Tahoma (of WinXP and 2K) and disable Clear Type font smoothing to not strain my eyes.

PPS   I reverted back to IE 8 just because of this f**king Segoe UI fonts and Clear Type font smoothing of IE 9.  Does Microsoft not know how much people hate Segoe UI font and Clear Type font smoothing?

Previously I was so eager to upgrade to Windows 7 but now I must say Windows XP is the BEST operating system ever.


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