Punish Them!

Football, the beautiful game, is one of the few games (only?) in Nepal that has been ‘beautiful’ both by earning and career. There has been many instances of players from other sports decamping their team and hiding in foreign soil during their foreign tour  in order to work and earn more than they could with their games in Nepal.

It’s often blamed that low pay and little incentives are the major causes of poor performance of Nepali athletes in international stages as they’re said to struggle to make a living with their meager sporting earning.

But, this doesn’t apply to football. No football player has ever run away.

It’s because football ensures you a good amount of cash (yes, that’s crucial for living) if you’re with good clubs. And, there are already many such clubs both from A and B divisions and even from C etc. Playing from reputed clubs in Nepal makes you at least a millionaire within a few years.  Sponsorships, advertisements, chances to play from foreign clubs etc. are some rare advantages for a football player (from any division) to cash in on. 

So, despite making the handsome money that athletes of other sports can only dream of, why those f**king footballers are not performing better?

The recent ignominious defeat of Nepali football team from the Jordanians ( 0 –9) speaks something of players’ side, not of so called less training time, foreign pitch or the state’s apathy towards its sporting sector.

That is, those squad of players are entirely responsible for this humiliating defeat. They deserve punishment. Yes, they do for their deed of national humiliation.  No more ‘white elephants’.

Punish them. Then, get them retired. Hire entirely a new squad of aspiring footballers. Give them little incentives and pay so they could barely make a living. May be this could help a little in future.

STOP funding the state money for the football and ANFA. Fund instead on other sports which are ‘neglected’ or poorly attended. Nepal may well keep its pride at least unhurt if not upheld with those games in international arenas in future!


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