A Bolt From the Blue

That was quite an inconceivable news for all of us. The sudden, untimely demise of one of our elderly neighbours tore us apart in a scale that was unprecedented. Over the span of just few months, we’ve witnessed some highly unlikely and premature deaths of our close neighbour and well-wishers.

She was in her 60s, a sexagenarian, I think. We would call her Grandmother. A hale and hearty looking figure. But lately she had undergone a major medical treatment and had since been convalescing at her own home. The sudden death of her is attributed to a severe heart attack or haemorrhage. But it’s only an assumption, not proved yet. 

The loss of one’s life-partner is more grievous than the loss of parents. Esp. when your spouse accompanies/serves you for long. Your spouse becomes more important to you than your parents, family members or even God. After spending decades together hand-in-hand with his wife, what the Grandfather might have felt to lose the most beloved person in a bolt of lightning. His other-half is now taken away, never to return again. Loss of his beloved wife can never be compensated no matter what.

I now feel the sympathy most for this old widower who is now bereft of his other half.

We are deeply saddened by this untimely death of the neighbouring Grandmother. We extend our condolences to the bereaved family members and pray for the eternal peace of the deceased soul.

RIP the Grandmother!


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