Why Baburam Bhattarai Must Not Fail

Jhalanath Khanal couldn’t have performed any better under the leash of Prachanda, the ruthless villain of ongoing politics. He was brought in only to negate Baburam Bhattarai. Not to write constitution, complete peace process nor to counter the so called ‘Indian interference’. Bashing this poor eunuch is a nuts’ job. He’s just a victimized wretch. Handpicked and later victimized by Maoist honcho.

Apparently, the only thing I desire to see happen now is the ouster of Prachanda, leader-cum-mogul, from the chairmanship of Maoist party. I don’t know when Maoist is going to work at its proposed general convention but this motherf**ker should be removed from the job SOON.

I’m not excited to see Baburam Bhattarai as another Jhalanath Khanal, i.e. prime minister from the majority vote of the parliament as this will only add to the already flailing Maoists’ popularity and will be detrimental to Baburam Bhattarai himself. And the prospect of ‘national concensus’ is, as ever, still a far-fetched idea. 

In the realm of botched politics infested with nefarious crooks, Baburam Bhattarai is probably the only and last hope of the people. What if he also fails?! We’re dreaded to even think about it! It’s always the wisest idea to not dabble in a job you think you may not succeed doing.

If Baburam Bhattarai was propped up as another Jhalanath Khanal, that would be the biggest disaster given the hardship previous prime ministers faced despite having the comfortable majority. Though Baburam Bhattarai himself has said that he wouldn’t opt for the premiership if national consensus was not forged, his cronies are constantly presenting him as the next prime minister. Maybe they’re drooling over the ministerial posts they will get once Bhattarai becomes prime minister.

The chances are that the national consensus on Bhattarai’s name could also be forged given the fighting in Nepali Congress over who would be the prime ministerial candidate, no candidate from UML, he himself as unanimous candidate from his party and the wide popularity of him among the public.

The crux of the ongoing impasse lies chiefly on Prachanda. This d*ckhead is stashing billions of money away yet remains as a chairman of a ‘proleterian’ party. This is the biggest and sad paradox of Nepali politics. 

Okay, here goes my sympathy to victimized Jhalanath Khanal and curse to the beast named Prachanda.


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