F*ck You Old Hag

A Bangladeshi ‘outlaw’ Tasalima Nasarin who also happens to be a ‘renowned’ (Really? Actually the f*king West has given the recognition to this ostracized woman same as it has given to defector Dalai Lama and other dissenters from the regions other than the West) writer bluntly said that they didn’t know Nepal was a separate, sovereign country.  And that’s the downright transgression of the bound of any respect and decency from the so called world-famous female writer.

These defectors are those who don’t love their countries and have no regard for others’, too. If they had loved, they wouldn’t defect their motherland for a plush living in the foreign land mainly the West. Their so called ‘’dissent’’ is only an excuse. A charade.

I only have four words for this poor bitch: F*CK YOU OLD HAG!


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