मुस्ताङ् कि मस्ट्याङ् ?!

Well, it must be ‘मस्ट्याङ्’ (mʌstæŋ).

I don’t think an industrialist from Terai on far south may have christened the vehicle manufactured by his factory with a term that refers to a little-known rural mountainous region on snowy northern side of Nepal.

So, what then?

The ‘SUV’, made in Nepal by a conglomerate Golchha Organisation and made famous by newly appointed Prime Minister Baburam Bhattarai by declaring it his official vehicle, carries the name ‘Mustang’ and I don’t think it refers to a name that most people believe  i.e. Mustang (मुस्ताङ्, mʊstɑ:ŋ), a mountainous district in northern side of the country.

Instead, I think Hulas Motors’  ‘Mustang’ is more probably an English term that means a small, wild American horse. American motor company Ford also has its fleet of luxurious saloons named ‘Mustang’ for quite some decades.

I first heard about this vehicle a decade ago on Himal magazine and have sighted its different iterations on several occasions thereafter. It’s weird that it’s been more than a decade since Hulas rolled out its first Mustang and people are starting to know about it only now!


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