Why Baburam Bhattarai is Better Still

Well, he already has earned acclaim and adulation from people which other leaders of his contemporary can only dream of. 

But, there’s an almost not- talked character of him which I think is no less important than other talked aspects of his exalted personality. To put it simple: He speaks in pure Nepali language. I’ve not found a single instance of him speak with English words jumbled up in Nepali speech (except for special occasions where other languages are required other than Nepali). While not only his contemporaries but the majority of Nepalese people speak with the jumble of English and Nepali terms, his act of speaking only in pure Nepali tongue may seem queer but it indeed is great and inspiring. He speaks in pure Nepali language and his choice of words, diction, the manner of articulation and also the dressing habit resemble that of the people from lower social class. Perhaps this is the reason why he sometimes is dismissed and discounted among the people of higher class. 

Despite being a Ph.D., distinguished scholar and well versed in English language too, his long-held commitment to only use our national language is unprecedented and not to mention awe-inspiring. I take my hat off to this great leader once again!

Nepali language and its purity is being gravely endangered because of overwhelming ‘invasion’ of English language in our everyday life. In this dark and desolate scenario, Mr. Bhattarai has something glaring to fend off this desolation, i.e. his unflinching love to his mother tongue!


One response to “Why Baburam Bhattarai is Better Still

  1. Shekh Mohd Shahid Amani

    Dr. B r bahtrai is able to Done Constitution peace process This is Main Resins,Dr. B r BHatrai is Honesty and Educated person

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