Ahmadinejad in Nepal!

Surprised? Don’t. Iranian President Mohammad Ahmadinejad, famous for his rhetoric against Israel and the West, may never make a visit to Nepal. Iran and Nepal don’t have closer ties, they’re not big business partners and so on, so exchange of high-level visits is rather an implausible idea.

But, we already have had famous Mr. Ahmadinejad in our country!

Yes, Nepalese incarnation of Mr. Ahmadinejad i.e. Prime Minister Baburam Bhattarai! Mr. Ahmadinejad is probably most famous for not wearing necktie because he thinks it carries Western values and imperialistic spirit. Mr. Bhattarai also doesn’t wear necktie. And that’s the reason I drew parallel between him and Mr. Ahmadinejad.

Mr. Bhattarai might have worn tie once during his Japan trip as then finance minister some years back. But after his election as prime minister, I’ve not seen him wear tie even on formal occasions.

 Mohammad Ahmadinejad  baburam_bhattarai_minister

(Iranian Prez Ahmadinejad and Baburam Bhattarai. Pics from elsewhere on the Web)

I don’t know what Bhattarai thinks about tie as he has not opened up yet but I know his views can’t be much different from those of Iranian strongman.

And I so much love Mr. Bhattarai’s idea of shunning necktie. Besides being the symbol of rotting Western culture and imperialism, tie is generally perceived as a ‘ornament’ of rich, affluent and people from higher class. In Nepal, how many people actually are there who’re in position to wear and flaunt the necktie?! Cast aside the poor children in private schools. Tie-wearing demographics is very small. Most of us subsist and live on meagre earning and we really never wear tie. We’re not that richer and prosperous yet so that we can flaunt the sleek necktie. May be Mr. Bhattarai knows this so he opted for tieless shirt and jacket.

Dunno if Bhattarai can keep his promise to not wear tie on international stages too. But for now, he’s won heart of millions of Nepalese. And, yes, I’m one of them!


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