Dos and Don’ts for PM Bhattarai in New York

Ever since Prime Minister Baburam Bhattarai unveiled his email address( to public, I was thinking to dish out some dos and don’ts to him as he was to attend the UN annual convention in New York.

And I think my suggestions share the view of a large portion of Nepalese populace. I want PM Bhattarai to:

1) Support and vote (if to) in favour of Palestinians bid for statehood if presented.

2) Not recognize the West-backed Libyan rebels’ so called ‘National Transitional Authority’ as the representative of Libya.

We only have some thousands Nepalese working in butcher Israel so it wouldn’t be a big problem to manage them if Israel, let’s assume, goes hostile. And about Libya, we already evacuated all Nepalese laborers since the fighting ensued between Qaddafi and western-backed rebels. It’s righteous for Palestinians to work on the statehood and Libya’s gun wielding mobs are not sanctioned by the people. They’re the thugs happy to be fed with ‘leftovers’ from the rotting West.

Cuba already severed ties with Libyan thugs and I hope our communist prime minister also does the same.


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