The illest Motherf**kers Alive

I now think I was wrong to expect Kiran to be a next chairman of Maoist after Prachanda.

After witnessing all these machinations he and his f*cking henchmen Badal, CP Gajurel, Deb Gurung, Netra Bikram Chund etc. colluding against the government of their own party and PM Baburam Bhattarai, one can easily make an opinion that Kiran and his goons have proved themselves nothing but as traitors, back-stabbers, treacherous, betrayers and the illest mothef**kers alive. 

Recent protest programs and secret conspiracies of Kiran and his gang against the fledgling government and PM Bhattarai has unmasked the devil that was long hidden, until now, under the cloak of ‘simple and ascetic’ lifestyle of him and his goons. No other plots could be as grave and traitorous as this one where people plot against their own institution, government. Now causes of all the impasses lie on these traitors. These are the same hoodlums who have been preventing the peace process, who’ve been keeping the government from carrying out its day-to-day tasks and implementations.

Enough now. Prachanda and Mr. Bhattarai, please either get these thugs punished for their treachery or get them ousted entirely from the party. Maoist party will always be better off with these motherf**kers kicked out.

Baburam Bhattarai seldom fails on his own. He may fail only because of others. It’s gruesome that the machinations are being connived up to make him fail.


One response to “The illest Motherf**kers Alive

  1. As someone whose wisdom I greatly respect once said:
    “Maoists suck.”

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