A Debauched Festival

Well, Dashain, the so called ‘biggest festival’ of Nepal, has long lost all of its religious or cultural values and has instead been reduced to a fortnight fiesta of butchery, gambling, squandering and alcoholism.

The case is not different for Tihar, too, another big festival.

In recent times, voices are being heard loud objecting the way the festival is reveled or better say ‘abused’. This is a sign of degrading values of once sacred festivals. Dashain has now been reduced to a mere fiesta of decadent Nepalese society. Not the one that we could rest our religious pride upon.

Tihar is another victim of our immoral way of doing things. We’ve been f*cking these great festivals up thanks to our Nepalese decadence.

Shorn of their cultural and religious values, these mucked up festivals are only an example of our way of doing things. Hardly a thing is spared from the talons of our degenerate mind.

Anyway, Happy Dashain to all my near and dear ones and also sympathy for these abused festivals!


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