Quote of the Day: Nobel Peace Prize is Pants

“Unfortunately after giving it to someone as undeserving of it as Barack Obama, the Nobel feels less like a prize and more like a political gimmick without any credibility. It is a real shame as I am sure these ladies deserve more special and meaningful award than this worthless Nobel Prize.”

– Simonthepieman, a user on BBC.com commenting on the announcement of this year’s Nobel Peace Prize that has been awarded to two Liberian and a Yemeni women.

Surely, Nobel Peace Prize’s scope covers political turf. In fact, the idea of peace is invariably connected to politics and its effects/implications. And politics is always a botch- up as we know it. So, it’s not unusual for the Nobel Committee to draw controversies and ire against its decisions. But the Committee’s decisions are often more biased and partisan. Barack Obama (2009) and a Chinese dissident (2010) were probably the biggest jokes and shame (to the Nobel Peace Prize).

Moral: Nuke and level the rotting US and Europe.


One response to “Quote of the Day: Nobel Peace Prize is Pants

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