The Saddest Movie Scene

Well, animated movies evoke more emotion on me than do live-action ones. And, animal characters appeal me more than do anthropoid ones. Actually I seldom feel ‘immersed’ into live action films.

I’m not that much of a moviegoer. I seldom go cinemas but of course see select ones at home. And among the hundreds of films I’ve watched, I don’t forget a scene from a movie that, in a very rare moment of intense emotion, made me all tearful.

Yes, the scene is from one of the most successful films of all time: The Lion King (1994) and I think it’s the saddest movie scene ever I watched.

In the scene, broken Simba, a lion cub and protagonist of the film, lumbers around his father Mufasa, who has just been killed in a wildebeest stampede triggered by the villain Scar, and then snuggles up to his dead parent in a very sad, agonizing tone. Even the hardest, cruelest of hearts can’t defy this scene.

The Lion King 1994

       (Simba burrows into his father’s corpse in ‘The Lion King’. Snapshot captured with jetVideo)


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