Hypocrisy of Nepalese Communists

Libyan leader Qaddafi is gone. It was clearly an assassination. But who’s gonna hold those western butchers accountable for this cowardly crime? No one. The whole world is living at the mercy of these western thugs.

But what surprises me most is the so called communist parties of Nepal including Maoists etc., for whom the protest against western imperialism is what The Ten Commandments are to Jews, weren’t even bothered to release a statement to condemn the ruthless killing of former Libyan leader, who always stood against the rotting West till the last moment of his life, let alone organizing the protest programs.

This is the biggest shame they brought themselves. The veil of their so called ‘revolutionary’ visage is now ripped apart.

But, Narayan Man Bijukche ‘Rohit’s Nepal Peasants and Worker’s Party did good by organising a protest rally in Bhaktapur.

R.I.P. Gaddafi.


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