Quote of the Day: I’ve Gambled for the Country’s Future

I know I did take my chances in signing the BIPPA deal. I know I’ve gambled on this deal for the sake of our country’s prosperous future. Great decisions can’t be made without taking risks. Those who don’t fear venturing for a good cause always make a difference. Our nationalism can’t be stronger till we remain poor and underdeveloped between our two huge prospering neighbours. Only economic prosperity could embolden our nationalism.

– Prime Minister Baburam Bhattarai after signing the BIPPA (Bilateral Investment Promotion and Protection Agreement) deal with Indian counterpart Manmohan Singh in New Delhi. 

And as expected, he quickly drew flacks from the benighted political cocksuckers who’re illiterate of economic-politics back home. It was nothing unusual for economic-politics illiterate leaders of Nepali Congress, UML and Kiran-led faction of Maoists to vent their disapproval and see the ‘treason’ on the deal widely expected to be a boon to our both flailing and fledgling economy.

These cocksuckers are accustomed to realising nationalism only through Daura Suruwal, supremacy of highland people (over lowland like Terai), incessant blusters against so called Indian expansionism, tire-burning, torch rally etc. These thugs just don’t know how much the world has changed over time because of growing influence of economic-politics and the change it caused to the classical interpretation of nationalism.

Well, some may have been thinking that Nepal benefits not as much as India does from this agreement. What we should know is, given our current weak position, we can’t demand much from our big partner. We should afford to being complacent with however much we can get with this agreement. We know, a big man needs larger space to sit on!

Having little is better than having nothing. And Mr. Bhattarai has gambled on the deal to give his country ‘little’ in future. Yes, in his own words: economical prosperity with per capita income of at least $ 1000 within the next decade.

Hail Mr. Bhattarai!


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