तिहारको शुभकामना

Today’s Lakshmi Puja of 5-days long Tihar and also birthday of Great Poet Lakshmi Prasad Devkota. While I pride neither on Mt. Everest nor Buddha, the most touted and glorified ‘treasures’ of Nepal,  I think Devkota and his classic works on literature can very much outdo these inflated behemoths.

If only we’d made them go global…

While Great Poet Devkota is held in very high esteem by every Nepali, it’s a sad thing that his majestic oeuvre has largely been obscured from and unexposed to the outer world beyond our Nepali and Sanskirt realm. If we could give his classic works an exposure to the outer world, I think we could then find a new means to show off our pride to the world.

I always think Devkota is one of the finest poets on earth and his classic works can truly represent our national pride in international stages. Just what we need to do is, help them go global. Let’s translate his poetry into world languages such as: English, Spanish, French etc. But, it demands a great and scrupulous effort and is simply not possible without government’s active involvement and approach.

Translation could be carried out under the overseeing of National Academy of Arts.

Looking at my bookcase with one of its chambers full of Great Poet’s tomes, a feeling of immense pride of being a Nepali ripples through me. We’ve such a great treasure taller than Mt. Everest yet we’re oblivious to it, what a pity.


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