‘Disgraced’ Baburam and Saddened Gorkha

While Great King Prithvi Narayan Shah was the leader and architect behind the unification of then divided Nepal, Baburam Bhattarai could be considered as a chief architect of all those changes that foresee Nepal’s transition from its impoverished present into democratic, prosperous future if things go as hoped.

Both of these statesmen are from Gorkha district, the origin of modern Nepal. So, Gorkhali people regard these men as their treasure and hold them in very high esteem. Actually, Baburam Bhattarai had even surpassed Great King Prithvi Narayan Shah in terms of admiration and popularity in recent years. Mr. Bhattarai eventually replaced Prithvi Narayan Shah to become apparently the sole pride of Gorkha as people no longer held respect for kings including Prithvi Narayan Shah after the abolition of monarchy in 2063.

It’s a sad thing that Great King Prithvi Narayan Shah is now all but forgotten in his own homeland.

But now it seems as though Gokhamen were too naïve to believe Baburam Bhattarai would always uphold the pride of Gorkha.

Mr. Bhattarai is now disgraced to some extent. His recent actions of forming the bloated Cabinet which is the largest in Nepal’s history has largely dented his reputation among Gokhamen who elected him with record 46,000+ popular votes in last Constituent Assembly Election. He earned notoriety I think mostly because of his gratuitously jumbo Cabinet than of Balkrishna Dhungel scandal as this scandal has long been a disputed debate since the Supreme Court’s verdict on it some years back and it’s Maoist party’s decision to beg Ramvaran Yadav for pardon, not Bhattarai’s own.

We Gorkhamen are very much shocked at Mr. Bhattarai’s decision of forming such bloated Cabinet. It’s in stark contrast to his own ideals of austere measures and frugality. The stain he put on himself can hardly be compensated no matter what. He’s not only disgraced himself but also has brought an indelible shame to us, we Gorkhamen. He made himself notorious for ever by heading the largest Cabinet ever in history.

How can we Gorkhamen calm ourselves when one of our most respected idols chooses himself to be among the like of notorious politicos Sher Bahadur Deuba and Madhav Kumar Nepal?! These two disgraced politicians are also credited for forming large Cabinets during their prime ministerial tenure.

Well, just this morning, Mr. Bhattarai spoke out about these two unpopular decisions and tried to justify and wind down the debate. I actually waited before I made any derogatory comment here as I was not entirely believing what he did and not yet ready to comment, so was waiting for him to return from Maldives and speak out to us the truth behind these irksome decisions.

So, I still believe intellect Mr. Bhattarai knows what’s right and wrong. I can’t help counting on him and his professed ideals!

He has already committed an irreparable mistake. Nonetheless, he can make up for it if he could bring a little respite to the hard-hit public and ongoing peace and constitution writing process to a conclusion. Good luck Mr. Bhattarai!


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