The Other Side of the Coin

I call it not army integration but forced assimilation (of Maoists combatants into thuggish Nepal Army). 7-point agreement was in big part a flawed concept if not entirely.

And I already bid R.I.P. (I could have opted for an euphemism such as so long etc.?) to those heroic combatants.

While Baburam Bhattarai is being attacked from all around over the formation of jumbo cabinet, the other side of the coin is largely ignored and it’s pathetic. People are forgetting the fact that Mr. Bhattarai is being pivotal in forging consensus among the long-divided major political parties of late. For a moment, it seems, major parties have now shed their past animosities and agreed to work to advance peace and constitution writing process. Long-stalled talks and dialogues between the major political parties have now resumed and Baluwatar is being frequented with meetings. The peace process has finally taken a course. The 7-point agreement struck on Kartik 15, (Nov. 1) could be defined as a hard-earned result of Mr. Bhattarai’s relentless efforts towards national consensus.

There are pretty good chances that Mr. Bhattarai’s prime ministerial tenure will be successful, notwithstanding uncooperation from backstabber Prachanda and disgruntled Kiran faction. It’s an open secret that Prachanda realizes his ascendance only on the decline of Baburam.

Yes, PM Bhattarai can’t be a decisive figure in the decision making among the parties. But, as a prime minister, he’s been playing a major role in bringing them together, creating a favorable environment and brokering the processes.

For a moment, it seems as if Mr. Bhattarai has now shifted his attention from populist trivial matters such as: his use of Mustang Max, flying economy class, Hello Sarkar etc. to more serious issues . And, it’s good.

Since the election of Constituent Assembly, there had been dire lack of trust and co-operation among the parties and it was proving detrimental to peace and constitution writing process. All 3 previous prime ministers failed to work towards the consensus.

There should always be a balanced approach. Those who’re hitting out at Mr. Bhattarai should also try peering into the other side of the coin. Why hesitate to commend good works of one?!

He may have done something unwanted, whether upon pressure or something else, but he now has done enough to make anyone regret their criticism (of him).

To put in a nutshell, Mr. Bhattarai has already recouped his ‘lost’ popularity.


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