I’m a Gifted Psychic?

Well, I quite much think I can sense things before they happen. Most of the things I had premonition of have all materialized, each within a few days span. No goofing around. It can’t always be a fluke. It can’t always be a coincidence. Can it?

It’s astounding. I get amazed myself. And what about weird dreams? They have been a regular occurrence. Are zany dreams a sign of me achieving the miraculous power of clairvoyance?

It’s been 15 years rapper 2pac was shot dead. Well, I had a very bizarre dream about the Hip Hop icon some days ago. A band of young people were chanting slogans and celebrating his death anniversary. All Blacks and coloured. They visited people’s houses and asked for donations to a fund dedicated to the rapper.

I was told off and threatened for calling him 2pac!

They wanted me to call him Makaveli. The rapper adopted this moniker during the final days of his short, troubled life. They forced me to call him Makaveli and I was not in position to resist.

Well, that’s just a dream. But they are so vivid and intense that they make impact on me. They get me influenced. They get me thinking!

I can’t help feeling myself as a clairvoyant of some sort now.  A lot of things that I thought of have materialized. I, only I know it and it’s better rather to be mute (about it) than be expressive as these kind of things are inexplicable. Logic isn’t much welcomed into the realm of psychic powers!


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