Tumbling Baburam and Gloating Prachanda

Baburam Bhattarai may have been trying to make a difference to this cursed land which all of his predecessors failed to do or simply didn’t want to. 

But that’s hardly enough. Time is running out for Baburam and the more he fiddles around the quicker he loses people’s little-left trust on him. Maoists proved to be nothing but cocksuckers altogether. I didn’t expect degeneration of Maoists this soon. Baburam was probably the last hope but he too is failing on various fronts.

May be Prachanda is behind the apparent ‘incompetence’ of Baburam and his jumbo cabinet.

This cocksucker couldn’t do anything and now is probably on his mission to make Baburam fail so he could brag Baburam was no better than him and that people were wrong about Baburam. He’s gonna make every other rivaling Maoist leader ‘irrelevant’. His recent proposition of party general secretary Badal as a next prime minister is the latest instance of his chicanery. This way he could keep his tight rein over Maoist party and the country perpetually.

Previously expedited peace process has now all but stalled. Prachanda is to be blamed for this sudden halt?! This could be interpreted as one of his uncooperation to Baburam.

Extended hours of power outage, commonly known as ‘Load Shedding’ in early Push. WTF. Baburam should have heeded to this long-troubling pestilence much earlier as it’s already been months since he took up the office. He apparently did nothing to address this burning issue.

Or, Baburam himself was, unbeknownst to the public, a hypocrite. Was he?! We still dread to think about it.

Well, one could say Baburam couldn’t have ruled as per people’s bloated expectation in this difficult transitional time where his own partymen were rallying against his government and demanding an immediate resignation of him.

Whatever the presumptions are, one thing is true that there’s a little sign Baburam’s gonna make any real difference.

Baburam once said he wouldn’t run away from the responsibilities. He would toil hard to make a difference as long as he stayed in power. But what’s worth toiling if your attempts are gonna bear no fruit? It would rather be far better to run away than be involved. He should know it before it’s late.

But at this moment, he simply can’t run away either. He should keep himself involved and try to make a little, if not big, difference. Else, he is also destined to witness the ignominious exit from Baluwatar as his predecessors.


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