How BP Koirala Sucked Big

A ‘deified’ Congressman, BP was never accounted for his numerous mistakes. And a lot of his mistakes were of grave implications and some of them are still having the effects of some sorts on national life after more than half-a-century.

BP Koirala as then prime minister of Nepal was first in entire south Asia to recognize the butcher state of Israel.

He was quick, without any thorough consideration, to acknowledge the illegal child of evil imperialists Britain and America before any other south Asian countries. He purposefully served the interests of imperialists Britain and America with this recognition. Israel was created with force by snatching away the Palestinian land. The injustice inflicted upon the Palestinians is still not resolved and Israel has since been terrorizing much of the world, mostly Arab. 

Because of his recognition to rotting Israel, I don’t have much regard for this so called statesman.

Recently, Baburam Bhattarai ordered Nepali representatives in the UN to vote in favour of Palestinians’ bid for statehood.


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