Why Loadshedding in Nepal is an Engineered Lie

Extended hours of power outage in early Push?! This is bull. This ‘loadshedding’ thing is rather a carefully engineered chicanery to deceive people and halt the development of clean energy i.e. hydropower.

Secret organisations and energy mafias which are against clean energy like hydropower and instead want to sell other means of energy like petroleum, batteries, inverters, generators etc. are behind this collusion for years.

These secret organisations and mafias are controlling the government and its institutions and have been successful to deceive people in selling their interests. Their perpetual excuse of ‘decreasing water level in rivers’ which they cook up every time they extend power outage hours is a blunt lie yet people are so gullible that they believe everything they’re told. Nepalese are suckers!

Last year, there was 14 hours of power outage a day. Authorities have projected up to 19 hours a day for this year. PM Baburam Bhattarai was the first to make this projection public. Why there’s 5 hours of more loadshedding this year?! Because there’s an increase of consumption of electricity this year?! Bullshit. There’s been a mass exodus of people mainly youths who’re the biggest consumer of fuel and energy, to foreign countries for education and work and remaining factories are either shut down or only operate for few hours. NEA has no answer. It would be believable if loadshedding hours were increased slightly this year, not by whopping 5 hours. So, this all seems to be a clear fabrication. A charade. A downright deception.

Loadshedding in Nepal is not a usual, inevitable occurrence. I don’t swallow this lie. It’s rather an engineered, deliberate deception. But when poor, gullible Nepalis are going to wake?

Life in Nepal is getting increasingly harder. You have money yet you can’t afford the basic amenities such as oil, electricity, water supply, good roads etc. How pathetic!

No political, judicial or bureaucratic motherfuckers are going to make any difference. Much expected Maoists turned out to be nothing but big cocksuckers. Bigger than rotting NC and UML. This cursed land is destined to be cursed forever. I’m ashamed of being a Nepali now.


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