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The Most Hated Woman on Earth

Go to any American sites (such as Yahoo! etc.) and read comments on articles about Kim Kardashian and it’ll dawn in no time on you that which woman could possibly be the most spurned.

Kim Kardashian is probably the most hated woman not only among 300 million American commoners but among other nationals as well.

No more words on this degenerate. Go and read yourself  those comments on this whore!


How UTL is the Best ISP in Nepal

Until a year ago I was using Internet from Pokhara Internet Pvt. Ltd., a local Internet service provider (ISP), at 1,180 Rs. a month with a bandwidth of 128kbps. Though the service was somewhat improved and satisfying as they shifted from cable to wireless, frequent technical problems (regarding the connection) were still rife. Later, they grew increasingly grouchy to slightly overdue payment, too.

1,200 Rs. a month for a mediocre connection? That was a total rip-off. I thought I was ponying up way too much for a service that was not really worth it.

And last year I goodbyed Pokhara Internet Pvt. Ltd. (shortly Pinet) after nearly 6 years with them. I was one of the original subscribers at Pinet. By the time I ditched it, there were not more than 60 active users.

Later I was suggested by a friend to instead use UTL’s Internet service through its CDMA data card. Initially hesitated, I gave it a shot and till today I’m married to it!

565 Rs. a month for a connection of 128kbps? WTF. UTL Nepal is cheapest and probably the best ISP in Nepal. Technical hitches are almost not felt and even if such hitches occur, they’re fixed within minutes. You cannot get such a good yet budget service with unlimited downloads/uploads from any ISP in Nepal, can you? Even after a year in this rapidly evolving tech- age, a 128kbps connection still costs more than 1,000 Rs. at most ISPs. That’s a daylight robbery.

A few months back I’d read a newspaper report on dwindling business of ISPs in the face of marauding entry of big telecom companies such as Nepal Telecom, UTL and Ncell into the Internet market. These telecom companies with reach almost all over Nepal are eating away at the ISP’s share of Internet market. Many of such ISPs are going out of business and closing down.

Unlimited 128kbps connection at just 565 Rs. UTL rocks!

Baburam’s Descent into ‘Disgrace’: Really?

Time has come for Baburam Bhattarai to leave the job?! May be resignation is now more relevant than (his) persistence as a prime minister as he’s completely failed to do what he had promised at the time of his election (as prime minister). Need no other reasons?

Wait,  I don’t completely renounce my belief on him yet. I still like to keep tabs on him for some more time before assessing his previously much- extolled prime ministerial tenure.

I was drawn mainly by his economic agendas. His profession of economic prosperity as a chief prerequisite for a country to thrive and maintain nationalism and sovereignty was what appealed me.

To date, he’s still the only politician in Nepal who talks of economic development as a prerequisite for a country to thrive and who puts the economic agendas at the forefront of his priorities. That’s what appealed me most. He sounds more economic than political.

To be concise, he’s growing increasingly inconsistent in his words and deeds.

It’s not that there is someone better to replace him. Probably, Baburam Bhattarai was the last good leader of his generation. This is a hard time. But inconsistencies between his words and deeds are eclipsing his relevance (as a premier).

His interview with Rabindra Mishra of BBC Nepali Service a few weeks after he took up office first made me cast doubt on his commitment. In that interview, Bhattarai, unlike before, lacked eloquence. He was ambivalent in his replies and was also digressing from the questions. That was the first occasion that got me doubtful on him.

What has been left (of Maoists) now?! Nothing. They turned out to be big liars, a shame. Assessing the half decade since their landing into peaceful politics in 2063 B.S., one can well reach to a conclusion that Maoists are in no sense better than rotten Congress and UML.

Well, I’m not gonna waste more words on these dirty Maoists cocksuckers. They’re not even worth the foulest swearing.

The Best Cartoon

Cartoon speaks itself. Brevity is a character of cartoons. So I ain’t gonna ‘taint’ this cartoon, from Rabin Sayami and published on Nagarik Daily (Well, I hate this paper) some months back, with my words on why I labeled it ‘the best’. Pictorial depiction is a staple of cartoons, so be it:


                               (Cartoon taken from Nagarik Daily’s site)

The Hell on Earth

Could you imagine a situation where a frail-looking man is shivering in cold yet he finds his cloths dirty, takes them off and begins washing?!  He then dies washing his clothes because of cold…

Even the most foolish of foolish wouldn’t do that, would they?

But our country does!

Nepal and its government very much represent the character I just mentioned. NEA’s Decision of shutting down Mid-Mersyangdi Hydropower Plant for ‘maintenance’ for 3 whole weeks in the midst of this acute power shortage is the silliest of thing that could ever happen. It’s a wanton disregard for people’s plights from the side of the government. Baburam Bhattarai–led government is fanning the flames of power crisis and is forcing the people to live a Paleolithic life.

Closing down Mid-Mersyangdi Plant in the midst of power outage in the name of ‘maintenance’ is nothing but a lie, a charade. With the closure of Mid-Mersyangdi, mafias will have a good excuse to extend the loadshedding hours. The government is in cahoots with mafias and secret organisations and it’s wreaking havoc on the daily lives of commoners. The so called loadshedding is a conspiracy purely hatched by the mafias. A deliberate plot, rather than an inevitable occurrence.

These mafias against the clean energy are halting not only the hydropower, but solar power too. Solar power could have been a better alternative to hydropower, but mafias are hindering the usage of solar power too. Solar power has never taken roots despite the persistence of loadshedding for almost a decade.

The recent government decision of granting more than 1.5 billion rupees to Nepal Oil Corporation (NOC) to ease the supply of oil is another ploy of mafias and secret organisations. With ease on supply of oil, these mafias can boost the sale of the means of energy such as Gensets, inverters, gas geysers, heaters etc. and their other covert interests as well.

If the government had opted to spend that money on hydropower, a big hydro project could have been started instantly. Because 1.5 billion rupees is no small sum. A lot of early works on a hydro project could be carried out with that sum.

But the government, totally subjugated to the mafias, chose to drop it rather into a piggybank knowing there’s a big hole beneath.


Well, I’ve heard it’s been regular and rife for quite some time. But I myself encountered it recently:

Only a few days ago, I recharged my prepaid mobile with 100 Rs. of card but I only got approx. 40 rupees deposited to my account. More than 60 rupees was stolen away the moment I recharged and I’ve been receiving drivel in the name of Nagarik News ever since. I never subscribed to that f*cking Nagarik News yet I was robbed of my 60 rupees. Yeah I felt robbed.

This is a naked robbery from Nepal Telecom.

Sushila Karki, You Dirty Stinky Cunt, Go Fuck Yourself!

Supreme Court in Nepal is a travesty of justice. Appallingly, a parody of judiciary. And the so called judges are big motherfuckers and cunts.

The Court comprised of the deranged cocksuckers is acting in such a way that its activities, verdicts and decisions have been brazenly violating and infringing on the innate rights of the executive body of the state, i.e. the government. Recent two verdicts ‘ordering’ the government to halt the enrollment of Madhesi youths into Nepali Army and the removal of King Tribhuvan’s statue from Martyr’s Gate are the clear examples of the Court’s regressive and anti-people moves.

Nepali Army has never been inclusive in terms of Madhesis’ participation. The most naked evidence of prejudice against Madhesis is their almost ‘zero’ presence in the country’s security bodies, mainly Army.

Sushila Karki was the twat who halted the removal of Tribhuvan’s statue from Martyr’s Gate. 

Baburam Bhattarai’s government’s decision of removing Tribhuvan’s statue had garnered people’s ebullient praise and approval as the placement of a king on top of the martyr’s statues had been a mockery of martyr’s shrine, insult to martyrs themselves and a national shame as well. Then government led by BP Koirala was behind the placement of the king’s statue on Martyr’s Gate. This had been a brazen insult to the revered martyrs that a king was placed on top of their statues.

Baburam Bhattarai-led government’s popular moves are being axed by the Court.  It appears as though the Court, considered one of the three principle entities of a state, is considering itself as the executive body of the state too. As a matter of fact, the Court is getting increasingly despotic and regressive. Apparently it’s taking advantage of weak government and the legislature (parliament) in this volatile, tumultuous transitional period. This must be stopped. This is against the principle of separation of power among the state bodies. Government and the legislature should act to axe the growing influence of the Court.

Else, Baburam Bhattarai! resign now and let the rotten Supreme Court govern this sad country.

Mr. Backstreetboy: How I Learned to Hate People and Admire Myself

Well, loadshedding, oil crisis, price hike and other burning ills are no longer the topics of discussions. Authorities have already stopped talking about these issues. Add to this people’s mysterious tolerance and apathy and one wakes up to a bitter fact that Nepalese are growing dangerously blasé and tolerant about these long-troubling ills.

This certainly doesn’t bode well, does it?

Waffling on newspapers or debating at a glittering studio of a TV channel over these issues is one thing and doing something really demanding is another. I’m suggesting here that people should take out to streets to protest authorities’ apathy and maladministration. Is this not yet enough to make you revolt?

Wait, people won’t revolt. They rather prefer chanting slogans for a political party than protesting for a common goal. Nepalese are big fuckers. Bad gives birth to bad. All these political degenerates born among us. They’re not Lunarmen, nor Martians, are they?

So, people share the blame. But I don’t. I’m not among these people. I ain’t corrupt like these people are.

In essence, I only am good, all others are bad.

I’ve not meet a single man who’s good among thousands I acquainted with.  People are morally bankrupt, short of their conscience and are rather ready to trade their morals for a dime.

With no basic amenities at our disposal, daily life in this rotting country among people bereft of conscience is getting impossible and there’s no sign that coming years will be any better. I’ve finally given up my xenophobic attitude and have decided to immigrate (emigrate?) to another country. Let’s see what comes next…

[PS Title of this post is inspired (a parody?) from the 1964 dark comedy ‘Dr Strangelove: or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb’ by legendary Stanley Kubrick. I mostly like his meticulous attention to details in films. Full Metal Jacket (1987), Barry Lyndon (1975) and The Shining (1980) are my faves from the auteur’s oeuvre.]