The Hell on Earth

Could you imagine a situation where a frail-looking man is shivering in cold yet he finds his cloths dirty, takes them off and begins washing?!  He then dies washing his clothes because of cold…

Even the most foolish of foolish wouldn’t do that, would they?

But our country does!

Nepal and its government very much represent the character I just mentioned. NEA’s Decision of shutting down Mid-Mersyangdi Hydropower Plant for ‘maintenance’ for 3 whole weeks in the midst of this acute power shortage is the silliest of thing that could ever happen. It’s a wanton disregard for people’s plights from the side of the government. Baburam Bhattarai–led government is fanning the flames of power crisis and is forcing the people to live a Paleolithic life.

Closing down Mid-Mersyangdi Plant in the midst of power outage in the name of ‘maintenance’ is nothing but a lie, a charade. With the closure of Mid-Mersyangdi, mafias will have a good excuse to extend the loadshedding hours. The government is in cahoots with mafias and secret organisations and it’s wreaking havoc on the daily lives of commoners. The so called loadshedding is a conspiracy purely hatched by the mafias. A deliberate plot, rather than an inevitable occurrence.

These mafias against the clean energy are halting not only the hydropower, but solar power too. Solar power could have been a better alternative to hydropower, but mafias are hindering the usage of solar power too. Solar power has never taken roots despite the persistence of loadshedding for almost a decade.

The recent government decision of granting more than 1.5 billion rupees to Nepal Oil Corporation (NOC) to ease the supply of oil is another ploy of mafias and secret organisations. With ease on supply of oil, these mafias can boost the sale of the means of energy such as Gensets, inverters, gas geysers, heaters etc. and their other covert interests as well.

If the government had opted to spend that money on hydropower, a big hydro project could have been started instantly. Because 1.5 billion rupees is no small sum. A lot of early works on a hydro project could be carried out with that sum.

But the government, totally subjugated to the mafias, chose to drop it rather into a piggybank knowing there’s a big hole beneath.


Well, I’ve heard it’s been regular and rife for quite some time. But I myself encountered it recently:

Only a few days ago, I recharged my prepaid mobile with 100 Rs. of card but I only got approx. 40 rupees deposited to my account. More than 60 rupees was stolen away the moment I recharged and I’ve been receiving drivel in the name of Nagarik News ever since. I never subscribed to that f*cking Nagarik News yet I was robbed of my 60 rupees. Yeah I felt robbed.

This is a naked robbery from Nepal Telecom.


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