Baburam’s Descent into ‘Disgrace’: Really?

Time has come for Baburam Bhattarai to leave the job?! May be resignation is now more relevant than (his) persistence as a prime minister as he’s completely failed to do what he had promised at the time of his election (as prime minister). Need no other reasons?

Wait,  I don’t completely renounce my belief on him yet. I still like to keep tabs on him for some more time before assessing his previously much- extolled prime ministerial tenure.

I was drawn mainly by his economic agendas. His profession of economic prosperity as a chief prerequisite for a country to thrive and maintain nationalism and sovereignty was what appealed me.

To date, he’s still the only politician in Nepal who talks of economic development as a prerequisite for a country to thrive and who puts the economic agendas at the forefront of his priorities. That’s what appealed me most. He sounds more economic than political.

To be concise, he’s growing increasingly inconsistent in his words and deeds.

It’s not that there is someone better to replace him. Probably, Baburam Bhattarai was the last good leader of his generation. This is a hard time. But inconsistencies between his words and deeds are eclipsing his relevance (as a premier).

His interview with Rabindra Mishra of BBC Nepali Service a few weeks after he took up office first made me cast doubt on his commitment. In that interview, Bhattarai, unlike before, lacked eloquence. He was ambivalent in his replies and was also digressing from the questions. That was the first occasion that got me doubtful on him.

What has been left (of Maoists) now?! Nothing. They turned out to be big liars, a shame. Assessing the half decade since their landing into peaceful politics in 2063 B.S., one can well reach to a conclusion that Maoists are in no sense better than rotten Congress and UML.

Well, I’m not gonna waste more words on these dirty Maoists cocksuckers. They’re not even worth the foulest swearing.


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