How UTL is the Best ISP in Nepal

Until a year ago I was using Internet from Pokhara Internet Pvt. Ltd., a local Internet service provider (ISP), at 1,180 Rs. a month with a bandwidth of 128kbps. Though the service was somewhat improved and satisfying as they shifted from cable to wireless, frequent technical problems (regarding the connection) were still rife. Later, they grew increasingly grouchy to slightly overdue payment, too.

1,200 Rs. a month for a mediocre connection? That was a total rip-off. I thought I was ponying up way too much for a service that was not really worth it.

And last year I goodbyed Pokhara Internet Pvt. Ltd. (shortly Pinet) after nearly 6 years with them. I was one of the original subscribers at Pinet. By the time I ditched it, there were not more than 60 active users.

Later I was suggested by a friend to instead use UTL’s Internet service through its CDMA data card. Initially hesitated, I gave it a shot and till today I’m married to it!

565 Rs. a month for a connection of 128kbps? WTF. UTL Nepal is cheapest and probably the best ISP in Nepal. Technical hitches are almost not felt and even if such hitches occur, they’re fixed within minutes. You cannot get such a good yet budget service with unlimited downloads/uploads from any ISP in Nepal, can you? Even after a year in this rapidly evolving tech- age, a 128kbps connection still costs more than 1,000 Rs. at most ISPs. That’s a daylight robbery.

A few months back I’d read a newspaper report on dwindling business of ISPs in the face of marauding entry of big telecom companies such as Nepal Telecom, UTL and Ncell into the Internet market. These telecom companies with reach almost all over Nepal are eating away at the ISP’s share of Internet market. Many of such ISPs are going out of business and closing down.

Unlimited 128kbps connection at just 565 Rs. UTL rocks!


32 responses to “How UTL is the Best ISP in Nepal

  1. Using data SIM throug modem is bit slow and sometimes its unable to open web page so I tried through BSNL set phone realy its quite fast. Hope u may try. Thanks

  2. I have also been using UTL’s Internet service and its been 2 straight months. Recently I planned to swtich to another ISP, Worldlink undoubtedly was the first option to go for but it hesistated me cuz the minimum price was sort of 1000/- above for 128kbps line plus the installation charge of 4000/- that really rips off ur pocket. I contacted other ISP’s Subisu, Broadlink, Websurfer and all were the same, to be defined in nutshell -money vampires – they are good only for corporate use. After searching for ISP that would provide me internet for reasonable cost I ended up resorting to UTL. So here it is, I even post this thread using UTL. UTL is best for browsing facebook, google etc and downloading files that are of order 5mb and less. If you wanna download large heap of files through torrents, browse youtube you will certainly need other ISP and broadband data plans.In that case go for NT ADSL or Worldlink 256kbps and over.

  3. Right Chandan. I’ve been using UTL for one and half year and I’m not thinking about opting for another ISP. And I’m also an avid Bittorrent user. In this one and half year I think I’ve downloaded more than 300GB of data, of course from UTL. Maybe because my computer stays turned on most of the time. Glad u also are an avid UTL user. Regards.

  4. I am using UTL wireless internet. I purchased UTL data usim from local shop. for 850/- with one month unlimited internet. I have good network strength in My area ie Nawal Parasi, lumbini. I am staying in remote area. so wireless is only the solution. As compared to NCELL, NTC or Sky. Utl proved to be the cheapest and best for me. speed is around 13.8 kbps.I use internet in desktop through internet mobile ie huawei c2900i. Practically i am saving 1000 box per month due to utl. i recommend utl to increased the speed with best revised rate.

  5. I agree. Revisions to both price and speed could be way better. UTL should go broadband now.

  6. Hello admin, 128 means 128 Kilo bits or kilo bytes?
    If in kilobits, then the speed will be 12kbps(kilobytes).

  7. I m using UTL net in my pc through Aircel CDMA set (modem) … Now i want to use it in GALAXY TAB2 (its CDMA tab), and i don’t have any idea to configure UTL net …. Is there anyone who know about it ….. Help Please !!!!!!!

  8. ult sasto 6 tara speed is not so good

  9. “How UTL is the Best ISP in Nepal | :: A Backstreetboy’s Diary ::” was extremely engaging and informative! Within the present day society honestly, that is really hard to do. Thanks, Jamison

  10. I had used UTL Internet network before two years, at that time it was too much slow but in these days, it has been improving its services and then curious to use this service once again. i think it is cheaper services but slow. thank you for your review post. i got some new information and eager to get start this services from today.

  11. bikram neupane

    i am in search of good internet service at economy rate is utl and is it capable enough to fullfill my requirements? m preffering internet service especially to do online job

  12. i was using utl net it so slow.

  13. next time i think to not use it

  14. mero CDMA modem mata speed 13.8 rarely akal jhukkal maa hun6 and most of the time around 3-8 kbps in my pc 😀 so i’m kinda hanged up and most of the internet service provider in nepal provide speed of around 128-500 kbps and it’s way too much it’s so boring..i wanna download games and movies bt because of slow internet awdaa bhaa6 😀

  15. sanjay k jaiswal

    utl internet is cheaper one but too slow

  16. sanjay k jaiswal

    utl internet is cheaper one but too slow.plz increase its speed.

  17. I just brought a new UTL Data Sim yesterday with Reliance Modem, the speed was so slow.
    It took me 3 hours to complete my 1 hour work while using Ncell.
    I am Total confused how you all be satisfied with the speed of course the rental is cheap.

  18. Really 300gb of data downloaded……..finding hard to believe it…..
    I will be giving usim a go than

  19. i am utl internet user but it is very very slow. if a company wants to compete in the market it should focus in quality and fast surfing facility, try to improve

  20. Hello bro, UTL ko internet first time use garda total cost kati lagxa (including installation, tax, etc) ???? Plz do reply!!! 🙂

  21. very slow

  22. how to register utl data sim n .after 1 month…serivce charge is paying through which medium….recharge card or cash paying at utl offfice..plz give me information

  23. hello sir i’m currently using worldlink wifi and i want to change my isp:)
    i mostly play onlines games on singapore/malaysian servers and i want to ask u couple of quesiton
    1.How much ping would i get with UTL on singapore/malaysia servers?
    2.Is the connection stable?timeout/package loss.
    would be really helpfull:)

  24. Hlw bro can i use u sim for wifi? I have cdma wifi router. Plz reply

  25. UTL should be GSM service……..
    We can use internet in every type of mobile phone……

  26. Hello bro which modem is good for utl??
    And my utl net is too slow..

  27. does it works on 3G wireless modem evdo /cdma of nepal telecom
    plz reply me

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