Monthly Archives: February 2012

End of BitTorrent?

Now, one of the largest BitTorrent files indexing sites, bit the dust after a few weeks of’s closure.

I was like not believing at all at first. It came more as dejection than a surprise or shock.

It was not long ago when the authorities brought then most popular down.

TPB changed its top level domain from .com to .se as it’s struggling to keep up after its founders were busted. Demonoid, Kickasstorrents etc. also did same earlier.

Authorities are cracking down on file sharing sites mainly BitTorrent sites in such a speed and scale that future of BitTorrent protocol seems rather bleak. And it’s getting all those who profess free Internet on edge already.

What Bram Cohen might be thinking seeing his brainchild being hunted down and hemmed in?

Wikipedia was right to campaign against so called anti-piracy bills SOPA and PIPA in America.

Internet must remain free. This holds more meaning and importance especially to those from poorer parts of the world who rely on free contents on Internet.

Goodbye Btjunkie for now but we greatly hope you’ll be back soon. Rest in peace!