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The Big Boss is Back

It took hulking Rick Ross whole two years to release another album after Teflon Don (2010). Since the Port of Miami (2006), his first studio album, I’ve been a huge fan of this burly hip-hopper. And now his new album God Forgives, I Don’t has been leaked on the file sharing sites. Official release, however, is set for July 31, 2012.


Man, it took me a heck of a patience to wait for this album which was previously rumored to release in mid-2011.


It Was Really a Dark Night

Well, I never felt this bad before. The news of at least 12 people killed and dozens wounded in a wanton shooting at a midnight cinema showing of The Dark Night Rises in America left me deeply saddened.

I’m closely following the last Chris Nolan film in Batman series and I think I’m connected sentimentally to those in America and elsewhere who’re keenly waiting for the movie to release. There is always a feeling of fraternity among the people with shared interest. I’m a bit disappointed that I couldn’t make it to the theatre today ( but I’ll soon) but I think the fact that a lot of people who loved Nolan’s Batman franchise turned up to the cinemas really made up for it. 

My heart goes out to the families of the victims of this terrible tragedy who lost their lives at the hands of a crazy gunman. Their long-held excitement to see The Dark Night Rises tragically shattered. It was really a ‘Dark Night’ for those innocent lives.

Condolences to those deceased people. May their souls rest in eternal peace.

How Baburam Turned Out a Real Fucker

Baburam Bhattarai did a lot of good things. He still is better among other crooked political thugs esp. for his economic agendas/vision.

But he turned out a real motherfucker on these three things of late:

1) The decision to provide state-funded facilities including residence, vehicle, security guards, fuel, private secretariat etc. to former top-job holders such as former prime ministers, ministers, judges etc. These fucking, amoral so called top-job holders only know how to make money by gobbling all the state resources up while they’re in office and also their tenure last no more than a few months, how could they be ‘eligible’ for lifetime facilities funded from the poor taxpayers’ money?! This is just outrageous. Baburam, go suck off your own dick.

2) Government’s failure to provide much-needed chemical fertilizer to peasants in this rice-planting time.This is a naked show of gross disregard and maladministration from Baburam Bhattarai’s government to the plight of farmers and peasants. Nothing from Bhattarai’s government will ever compensate for this loss. This is an ugly scar to stay forever in Baburam’s face.

3) The unprecedented hike in the price of daily commodities. Since this hypocrite took office some 11 months back, price of daily commodities has skyrocketed and this is unprecedented in the known history of Nepal. An estimate puts the price hike at the rate of more than 60% in these past 11 months. Life is just getting harder. This cocksucker is solely responsible for this exorbitant price of commodities.

I’ve always been an impartial politics-watcher. I know I’ve held Bhattarai in high esteem when he did good things and this time I’m tearing into him.

No More Licking the Wounds?

Political parties (criminal gangs?) are failing and are already losing the little-left trust of the commoners. Yet, chances are still not high for King Gyanendra to return to the throne. It was all because of his blunders, not other outer causes, that he had to abdicate.

He’s already spent years licking his wounds, maybe waiting for the public contempt to wind down. How fortunate this crestfallen dude finally is!  Now time has arrived to such a point where public antagonism against him is record-low whereas it’s at its highest against political cocksuckers. He now could capitalize on this favourable time to amass further public support. Increasing public gatherings during his tours very much prove this. It’s not happening just out of curiosity or sentiment, it’s a real show of support to the former monarch.


Nepalese may have been regretting their decision of dethroning their king 6 years back?!

Let’s wait and see what’ll be of the future. But for now its time to celebrate this unfortunate royalty’s 66th birthday as today is Ashar 23.

Happy 66th Birthday Your Majesty!!!

How Does a Train Look Like?

Have you seen a train?! Maybe only on films, TVs etc., not in real life unless you’ve visited abroad or at least India.

It’s been more than 150 years since the first passenger train came to operation in Europe. Now the railway is a major means of transportation all around the world. Yet, we Nepalis are nowhere near using the train for our daily travel even after this long.

The only railway in Nepal, dilapidated Janakpur Railway, is more a demonstration than for a real purpose.  Moreover, it covers only a few area (in Terai). And it’s not even operating—it’s already been long– because of mismanagement and corruption.

Well, constructing railroad in our mostly rugged hills and mountains is certainly difficult and it demands a lot of technical expertise and budget. It’s beyond our tiny, fledgling economy. But it could have been constructed at least in the plains of Terai with ease. Connecting the whole Terai from east to west with the railway could have been a major achievement towards national development. Travel would be faster and much cheaper than by bus and air as railway is the cheapest (and also relatively safer) means of land transportation.

I’ve heard Baburam Bhattarai government is spending a good sum of money for railway development in the new budget. If so, let’s give a big clap to Mr. Bhattarai!

Five Best Nepali Film Songs

Though I’ve not much seen Nepali films, I’ve always been an admirer of their songs. Granted, most Nepali films are of mediocre quality, poorly made, but nonetheless they’re quite good on their musical side. Here are the best 5 I like most among thousands of aurally pleasant Nepali film songs in no particular order:

  1. Yo Katha ho Trishna Mero by Kumar Sanu  (from Trishna)
  2. Ukali Orali Gardai by Sonu Nigum  (from Simana)
  3. Tungna ko Dhunma by Indrajeet Mijar  (from Rahar)
  4. Jindagi Khola Jastai Bagirahecha by Anup Jalota  (from Bhaauju)
  5. Tinpate Dada Katera by Sadhna Sergum  (from Deukie)