Five Best Nepali Film Songs

Though I’ve not much seen Nepali films, I’ve always been an admirer of their songs. Granted, most Nepali films are of mediocre quality, poorly made, but nonetheless they’re quite good on their musical side. Here are the best 5 I like most among thousands of aurally pleasant Nepali film songs in no particular order:

  1. Yo Katha ho Trishna Mero by Kumar Sanu  (from Trishna)
  2. Ukali Orali Gardai by Sonu Nigum  (from Simana)
  3. Tungna ko Dhunma by Indrajeet Mijar  (from Rahar)
  4. Jindagi Khola Jastai Bagirahecha by Anup Jalota  (from Bhaauju)
  5. Tinpate Dada Katera by Sadhna Sergum  (from Deukie)

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